Five strokes ingeniously inferior chemical fertilizer

The quality of chemical fertilizers can be quickly judged by methods such as “see, burn, touch, test, measure”. The counterfeit identification methods for several types of major chemical fertilizers are now described as follows:

There are two cases of counterfeit urea on the nitrogen fertilizer market: First, urea is mixed with ammonium bicarbonate, that is, the upper layer of fertilizer bag is urea, and the lower layer is ammonium bicarbonate. It is characterized by good fluidity above, no flow or even agglomerates below, and a pungent smell of ammonia. When this happens, it can be concluded that ammonium bicarbonate is doped. The second is mixed urea and ammonium nitrate. What they have in common is: Particulate fertilizers that are white, odorless, fluid, and emit white fumes. The difference is that the urea granules are large, translucent, loose, non-reflective, and humid, rapidly melting on red-hot charcoal or iron plates, and the release of ammonia with pungent heavy smoke; nitric acid Ammonium particles are small, shiny, and have a distinct sense of reflection and humidity. They react violently on charcoal or iron plates that burn red, releasing bubbles and producing a “zizzy” sound. Urea through the appearance, feel, fire and other tests show that this different characteristics, that urea mixed with ammonium nitrate, is a fake urea.

Phosphate fertilizer market on the pass of calcium phosphate is mainly phosphogypsum, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, waste water mixed slag, etc., the distinction is as follows: 1 Appearance. Pu-calcium is a dark grey or grayish white, light gray loose powder with acidity; phosphogypsum is an off-white hexagonal granular or crystalline powder that is not sour; calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is not sour; it is very dry glassy particles Or fine powder; waste cement slag is gray powder, non-gloss, there are more hard objects, crushed powder is also relatively coarse, no sour taste; brick and tile powder color blue, powder is also coarse, no sour. 2 feel. Pu-calcium is heavy in texture and feels brittle but not frivolous. Phosphogypsum is light in texture and relatively dry in feel. The quality of waste cement is heavier than that of Pu-Ca, and the texture of the waste cement is not greasy, it is not dry, and there is no hard cement residue. 3 water-soluble. General calcium is partially soluble in water, and phosphogypsum, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is insoluble in water, waste cement powder is added with water to form slurry, and solidified again. In the identification, if there are obvious impurities such as clods, stones, and coal cinder in the calcium, then it is poor quality calcium sulphide; if it is found that there is too much sourness and moisture, it is unqualified non-finished products. Calcium

In the compound fertilizer market, granules are used to impregnate nitrophosphates and heavy superphosphates, and also use common calcium, nitrophosphates, and ammonium sulfate to counterfeit diammonium phosphate. They have similar colors, particles, and compressive strength, but the type, content, and price of the ingredients vary greatly. The particles contain 14-18% phosphorus in superphosphate, 40-50% phosphorus in heavy calcium, and phosphorus nitrate contains 20% of nitrogen, 20% of phosphorus, 46-48% of phosphorous diammonium phosphate, and 16-18% of nitrogen. 1 Appearance: Diammonium phosphate without moisture, the middle dark brown, yellowish edges, slightly translucent granules on the outer edge of the surface, the surface is slightly smooth, irregular particles; darker particles after the color, no yellow and edge transparency, After wet wetting, the granules behave like damp particles, and a very small amount of pinkish white appears on the surface. Nitrate phosphate has no obvious clearness, and the surface of the particles is smooth with dark brown irregular particles. Heavy calcium phosphate particles are dark gray particles. The superphosphate color is lighter, grayish and light gray, and the smoothness of the surface is worse. 2 Water-solubility: Nitrophosphate, diammonium phosphate, and heavy superphosphate are all soluble in water, and particulate superphosphate is not completely soluble in water. 3 Fire: Diammonium phosphate and nitrophosphate are burned on red charcoal quickly and can release ammonia gas. There is no ammonia smell in heavy superphosphate and superphosphate, especially the shape of superphosphate particles does not change at all. According to the inherent characteristics and attributes of the above fertilizer, it can distinguish its authenticity and pros and cons.

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