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First, the undressing collection technology: 蟾蜍 shelling one or two times a year, once the shell once grew up, when shelling off eating while taking off, finished eating. Therefore, people only know that there are hard-to-get and hard-to-collect reasons. After the Qingming period, the clams went ashore to feed and breed. Afterwards, it was the best collection period for the clams. Because from the shore to the mans, the breeding, rest and feeding periods have basically been completed. The temperature has reached above 25°C, and there have been a large number of cicada insects. Breeding, a wide range of food sources, and strong corpses, should immediately begin preparations for the collection of concrete clothing. 1. 2.5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 5 to 5 meters high in a strip pool in a glass room. Lighted from the bottom of the tank, with a certain slope. Each tank is provided with a sewer for easy flushing. Above the lighting equipment for night operation lighting. 2. Put more than one hundred grams of aquaculture tanks, complete limbs, and no scars on the abdomen back into the stripping pool. Rinse the body's dirt with water. After the water is dry, spray the pure Chinese medicine preparation “stripping element”. In general, peeling begins after 100 hours, that is, four days. 3, before taking off their clothes, they must observe their various symptoms at any time. Generally, when they are stripped, they will show signs of being outliers, staying alone, unresponsive, and the appearance of wetness, etc. These symptoms will be reversed. They will begin to undress in about 10 minutes. 4. When undressing, it usually begins with the back, followed by the head, hind legs, abdomen, and front legs. When it completes three legs, that is, the rest of the other parts have been removed. When there is a front leg, it is immediately grasped by hand, and the remaining part is gently pulled down, and the mouth is opened. Eating out but not yet having enough time to take it out is a complete dress. 5. The clothing that has just been taken off has mucus, which should be immediately rinsed clean with fresh water, and then the stainless steel tweezers should be used to gently pull the sample into a specimen that has been prepared with a length of 25 cm and a width of 12 cm. When pulling the specimen, the force should be light, do not pull or pull, or affect the quality of the product. After the specimens are prepared, they should be placed in the room to be dry or placed in an infrared sterilizing cabinet to dry them. Generally, 90% of the dried products are finished products, which are sealed and stored or sold. 6. Take off the clothes and put two in another pool. When the body is dry, scrape the buns or put them back into the culture pond. If there is enough food, keep them well and you can take them before the fall or hibernation. In the short term, it is no longer possible to take clothes. Because it takes less than four months to take off clothes that are thin and thin, the medicinal value is large, and it is difficult to finish the molding. There is no commodity value. Second, the wolfberry's collection and processing technology 1, the system folder folder: wolfberry folder to the company can purchase copper, aluminum folder, can also be homemade bamboo clip, select a section of twenty centimeters in length, diameter of five to seven centimeters of high-quality bamboo, 劈成The two halves, on the same side of the two halves, are hinged together (the iron hinges are to be placed on the outside of the bamboo tube), and then a tension spring is placed on the outside, and the hand-grip is a synthetic cylinder. When the hands are released, Due to the pulling force of the extension spring, the bamboo tube is divided into two halves. 2. Collection: The time of taking the pupa is to receive the late autumn every year, net catch or catch, and then collect the crisps. When taking the crisps, first wash the body of the body, dry the water, and then use a crisp clip to hold the posterior glands of the ears. If the glands are squeezed properly, there will be a white lotion sprayed onto the inner surface of the pastry folder. Do not use too much force, otherwise It will cause bleeding, pollution enamel so that the appearance of quality decline, crisp edge is too sharp and often will cause bleeding, the edge of the edge of the crisp clip can be polished properly. After the licking of the right and left ears of the crickets is completed, the pupa is still able to grow normally. Generally, the pupa should be placed in fields and lawns 50 meters away from the pond and should not be put into the water immediately to avoid wounds. Infected and died of infection. Orchards and vegetable fields with pit ponds can also be stocked artificially and cultivated, which can be used to eliminate pests, as well as to increase the income of eucalyptus. 3. Processing: In the process of picking, when the jelly-like jelly sticking on the inner wall of the crispy clip is about 20 to 30 grams, the bamboo sticks are scraped into a ball, and some saliva is stained on the fingers. , Like kneading dough, it is repeated and squeezed, and the hard skin and lump in the dough group are pinched and formed into a homogenous shape. Then, a round cake shape with a diameter of about five centimeters is formed and dried on a white cloth. In the process of taking crisps, processing, and drying, the pudding cannot contact the ironware, otherwise it will turn black and affect the quality. When the syrup is dry to brown or reddish-brown or reddish-brown translucent, it becomes a valuable traditional Chinese medicine. III. Artificial breeding of alfalfa 1. Construction site: A one-to-one-meter-high wall is set up around the breeding site, where aquaculture ponds, spawning ponds and hatching ponds can be set up. There must be lawns or vegetable plots around the rearing pond for predatory habitat. Lights should be installed in the site and insects should be preyed at night. 2. Breeding: The quail is oviparous and has strong reproductive ability. When the water temperature is about ten degrees Celsius and the relative humidity of the atmosphere is about 90 percent every year, the number of eggs laid per female is about 5,000 eggs. The eggs are arranged in two rows in a tubular glial egg band. The eggs are wrapped around the plants. The eggs can be placed in the hatchery for artificial incubation. The water temperature during incubation is maintained above 10 degrees Celsius and the water depth is adjusted at any time to control the water temperature. Cold weather and other bad weather can be covered with plastic film cover. 3, management: breeding quail, according to its different stages of development feeding divided by groups, to maintain adequate food. The larvae's bait is plankton, which can be used to feed pig dung, vegetable waste, slaughterhouses, waste from food factories, bran, etc., into plankton, which can feed on plankton; Various plants are planted and light is used to attract insects at night, and manure can be accumulated in the farm to feed the insects. Fourth, on the issue of undressing undressing undressing is not complicated, anyone can learn within 1-2 hours, the key is to master the scientific method. First of all, we must choose adult and healthy fleas. We generally require more than 80 grams of full-fledged limbs, and there should be no obvious patterns in abdomen and extremities. Secondly, when catching cockroaches, attention should be paid to the following: catching cockroaches should be dissipated, and it should not be stuffy in bags and other items for a long time. Do not feed any food to undressed cockroaches. Keep the floor temperature of the farm tanks and spray it twice a day. water.蟾蜍 Striping should have a suitable climate, and the most appropriate temperature is around 20°C. Therefore, the best period of stripping is from April to the end of October. Stripping can be done indoors and artificial warming is also used. Reminder: At present, a small number of people have used people’s eager psychology to impart technology, recycle embarrassment as bait, defraud money, and injure others. I would like to ask relevant personnel to pay attention to identification and not to be fooled. China Agricultural Network Editor

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