Improve the fruit setting rate of winter jujube

Compared with other jujube trees, winter jujube has a large amount of flowers and a low fruit setting rate. To increase the rate of fruit set, the following measures should be taken:

First, the summer cut into the result of the winter jujube tree, in order to normal fruit set, in addition to doing a good winter cut, but also must do a good summer cut. Summer cut starts from the germination, and the dates that do not need to be cultivated have to be erased. On May 20th, it took care of the branches that had been preserved until the mid-July. Specially wang's tree should be cut during the fruit set period to promote fruit set.

Second, the use of jujube fruit setter, advance regulation of tree nutrients, promote fruit set jujube fruit set agent Zaofengling series products, it contains a variety of ingredients, is a special solution to winter jujube sit hard, its main role is to regulate the growth of vegetative growth and fruiting, fruit set The proportion of nutrient distribution among the largest, especially during the flowering period is the use of herbs before flowering. Usage is divided into two steps: In late May, when the winter jujube tree occasionally sees 1 or 2 flowers, it begins to use medicine. Each bag of medicine is first opened with a small amount of hydration, and 70 kilograms of water is sprayed on the whole tree. Especially wang, a tree that is difficult to set aside all year round, the amount of water is reduced to 50 kilograms. In late June, when the jujube grows to the mung bean size, the fruit setter will increase the amount of water to 140 kg and will be sprayed once more.

Third, the open mouth and a mouth healing period of control of the opening of the initial flower opening on time, a mouth width of about 0.8 cm, a mouth healing period of control in about 35 days. After armoring, when a sign of premature healing of the mouth appears, a second armoring or ring cut should be performed. In order to prevent debilitating or dead tree vigor, when opening the armor, it is necessary to leave supplementary support or open branches on the backbone of the canopy (weak branches do not open), and it is also possible to rotate open armor on several major result branches.

4. Select Zaofengling No. 2 to prevent shedding of young fruit. The method of promoting swelling is to use Zaofengling No. 2 one week before nail healing and use it once a week.

Fifth, increase the rate of winter jujube fruit, prevention and treatment of late cracking fruit selection Zaofengling No. 2 further promote the expansion of jujube fruit, the time from about the end of August, use two times, interval one week. In mid-September, spray once with anti-cracking and anti-erosion agents.

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