The Hard Conditions that Drug Agents Must Have

The Hard Conditions that Drug Agents Must Have With the booming of pharmaceutical investment promotion, the pharmaceutical agency industry has become more and more popular. The pharmaceutical agency industry has attracted many people, and pharmaceuticals and commerce have entered a rational era, moving closer to the scale and focusing on strength. In the personal pharmacy team, only the individual pharmacists who have already achieved good results, have financial strength, and have a large-scale network channel team, etc., and ultimately rely solely on the agent's individual struggle is difficult to have in the local market. What they do is because of the hard conditions that drug agents must have.

First of all, the introduction of pharmaceutical investment agents, the provincial agency must have the ability to sell pure, provincial-level agents do not have the ability to sell purely, no matter how many networks he said, in fact, just a second-hand Daoye, all rely on him for investment, not as good as the company itself . Therefore, the provincial agency must have a clinical or OTC pure sales team, and its pure sales team should be able to complete 60% of sales in the province; provincial agents must have considerable experience and strength in bidding; must be the company or anchor. The company's powerful individuals, provincial drug agents must have distribution capabilities.

Secondly, the following procedures are required for pharmaceutical agents first: other relevant conditions required by the State Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health. Apply for agencies engaged in drug bidding agency services; have business premises, facilities and funds that are compatible with the business activities of bidding agencies; have a professional capacity for the preparation of bidding documents and organization of bid evaluations; and an expert library suitable for engaging in drug bidding; and Administrative agencies and other state agencies have no administrative affiliation or other interest relationships; they have obtained business licenses, and pharmaceutical investment agents indicate that they are qualified to engage in bid invitation agencies and provide related services.

Finally, there are sound organizational structures, rules and regulations for internal management, and the number of business personnel that fit in with the drug agency business activities. Among the above-mentioned business staff, there should be professionals with pharmaceutical knowledge and pharmacy knowledge, accounting for more than 15% of the total number of employees. Doing research on the operating region of the same type of market, and determining the sales plan based on the product, the key is to look at their own economic situation. First examine the amount of local drug demand, look at the pros and cons of similar drugs in the local price range of similar drugs, and look at the concepts and strengths of the drugs used by farms and retailers who are ready to sell radiation.

Compacted Vacuum Suction Unit

Compacted Vacuum Suction Unit

ETR has independently developed an integrated vacuum pump unit composed of a water-ring vacuum pump, a gas-water separator, a vacuum solenoid valve, pipe fittings and an electrical control system. It is a simple, safe and reliable device that continuously serves the wards all day long, without occupying the ward space. The negative pressure is sourced from the vacuum pump unit.


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