Applying wax fertilizers to boost crops for a strong winter

The so-called wax fertilizer refers to fertilizer applied to overwintering crops from the winter solstice to the cold. A large number of practices have proved that the application of wax fertilizers mainly consisting of manure with more phosphorus and potassium to overwintering crops such as wheat, rapeseed, green manure, and ramie can generally increase the ground temperature by 2 to 3°C, and can increase the potassium content of plant cells and enhance The water holding capacity of the cells makes it difficult for the plants to freeze at low temperatures, thus playing a role in keeping warm and keeping cold. At the same time, it can also increase the concentration of salt in the soil solution and reduce the degree of damage to the crop root system. In addition, the “fertilizer for winter and spring use” of wax fertilizer can effectively promote the growth and development of post-harvest crops. After the spring, the winter crops grow into an important period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and they need to absorb more nitrogen and potassium nutrients. The wax can ensure The supply of P and K nutrients during this period promotes the increase of flower bud differentiation and effective branching (effective panicles), thereby increasing yield. How to improve the application effect of winter crop wax fertilizer? In summing up local experiences, the key to mastering “three observations and two attentions” is the key.

Look at the fertility of the soil to apply fertilizer to overwintering crops in accordance with local conditions. Generally, the plots with high fertility and sufficient fertility can be applied with little or no fertilization. For plots with low fertility, low base fertilizer, or plots without base fertilizer, additional fertilization is required. Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizers; Organic fertilizers are applied to plots of mono-chemical fertilizers that are used year-round. Do not blindly abuse, or easily lead to spring crops grow out of discipline, late lodging, greed, late maturity and lead to production and other adverse consequences. In addition, the application of a small amount of sand fertilizer to sandy soil, to prevent loss of fertilizer leaching.

Looking at the growth trend of seedlings depends on the growth of the seedlings and fertilizer requirements of overwintering crops. In general, dark-green long-green seedlings should not be applied to wax fertilizer. Green-green strong seedlings should be applied with little or no wax, and leafy yellow-green or thin-leaved red seedlings should be re-fertilized.

Look at the type of crop to apply different types of wax fertilizer to local conditions. The application of rapeseed wax fertilizer: The manure and phosphorus fertilizers should be mixed and rotted. Each 1500 kg of acre should be applied between the rows of rapeseed, combined with earthworms, and applied from late December to early January. Early maturing rape varieties should be applied earlier than late mature rape varieties due to early spring development. Application of wheat wax fertilizer: should be applied in the middle and late December is appropriate, and strong seedlings should be applied more soil miscellaneous fertilizer, and weak seedlings and late-maturing wheat should be mixed in soil miscellaneous fertilizer appropriate phosphorus fertilizer. In general, about 2,500 kg of fertilizer is applied or applied per acre. The application of green fat wax fertilizer: 150-250 kg of ash or a layer of thin pigs, cattle pen manure is applied per acre. The application of castor wax fertilizer: the amount of fertilizer should account for about 50% of the annual fertilization amount, about 4000 kg of soil-fertilizer per acre or about 2000 kg of pig, cowshed manure.

Pay attention to the choice of clear weather to improve the effect of applying wax fertilizer on overwintering crops, generally should pay attention to select the "snow after frost" fine weather. Usually the temperature is lower, then the application of delayed manure, compost, pond mud, ash or manure urine. When the temperature is high, grab the easily decomposable urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate and other fertilizers. Under low temperature conditions, ammonium bicarbonate evaporates less and can be quickly absorbed and utilized by overwintering crops when applied to soil. At the same time, the application of ammonium bicarbonate is more economical than urea. Topdressing 25-30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre for wheat and rape, but pay attention to the methods when topdressing ammonium bicarbonate. Be careful not to burn the leaves.

Pay attention to the organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer with a reasonable application of wax fertilizer but also according to different crops and seedlings attention to do a good job with the selection of fertilizer types. Such as decomposing pig dung, human excreta, fermented pond mud, river mud, old brick soil, fire and earth ash, cake fat, etc. are all high-quality organic fertilizers. For thin and thin seedlings, human feces and urine plus nitrogen fertilizers are mainly used. , To promote seedling thick; strong seedlings should be pond mud, soil miscellaneous fertilizer based. If the application of cake fat, 40 ~ 50 kg per acre is appropriate. Organic fertilizers used as wax fertilizers should be concentrated in the roots to prevent excessive concentrations of fertilizers around the roots of the crops during the drought, resulting in reverse osmosis and physiological water loss, resulting in overwintering crops. If a drought occurs after the application of wax fertilizer, it should be combined with water drought, water to adjust fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization.

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