Mallard breeding grounds and facilities


It is required to have open, flowing water on the breeding grounds, preferably in lush places. Farming on land should be planted with suitable trees or shrubs to facilitate shade.


1. Duck House: The commercial duck house can be of simple type, allowing the ducks to freely enter and exit. The general specifications are 9 meters in length, 4 meters in width and 3.2 meters in height. There are small windows or no windows in the house, and they are often raised on lattice boards. Lattice board can be made of wood, plastic mesh can also be used (φ mm, mesh 1.85 cm X 1.85 cm square grid). The type of duck house is slightly higher, and it uses a combination of grid panels and bedding, both of which are half in area.

2. Food shed and trough: The food shed is 2.0 meters high. The length and breadth can be determined according to the trough. The trough has 100 meters of rectangular troughs and 3 troughs on each trough. The double-sided rectangular drinking fountain 2 Meter.

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