Ten kinds of foods should aggravate stomach burden

Fried chicken

When you immerse food in a batter and deep-fried it, it turns food into a kind of hard food for the digestive tract. Fried foods are inevitably greasy and fatty, both of which are harmful to the abdomen. Greasy foods can cause nausea or diarrhea if there is inflammation in the intestines. If you want to eat chicken nuggets healthy, you can use their own bread crumbs or take a baking method. This method also applies to some traditional greasy foods, such as French fries.

Spicy food

Chili peppers, such as red peppers or jalapeno peppers, can add splendor to the food, but they can also disturb the esophagus. As a result, there will be a feeling of heartburn, just like the feeling you eat. Even if you use lactic acid to reduce its spicy taste, you still ingest the spicyness of the pepper. Don't add high-fat cream to spicy foods. You can use milder green peppers.


Simply eating chocolate is not the source of the problem, but it is the excess of chocolate. A small piece of chocolate is fine. However, patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause problems even if they eat a small piece. This is because chocolate relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter and causes acid reflux.

Citrus juice

This acidic beverage can disturb the digestive tract and stimulate sensitive nerve fever. It feels like acid reflux, but it is actually just a disturbance. In the abdomen, more acids can cause other problems. If you drink on an empty stomach, your digestive tract is actually full of acid, and adding excess acid can cause abdominal pain. If you drink lemonade with honey, it can cause diarrhea.

Mashed potato

Like creamy icing, it is easy to import. No wonder you can climb to the top of the "most comfortable food". But if you are a sugar allergy person, you will not feel comfortable because of the addition of milk and a lot of cream. Making sugar-free potato paste at home can reduce its impact.

Raw onion

Foods such as onions and garlic, leek and shallots are rich in plant-based compounds. Some of them have the ability to protect the heart, but some may cause abdominal pain. Some of the compounds can be decomposed by cooking, but at the same time, some beneficial substances are also decomposed, so it is best to mix raw and cooked onions, etc., so as to absorb their benefits and reduce their side effects.

ice cream

If you are lactose-allergic, you must fast ice cream. Bloats, delirium, etc. are warnings that keep you away from these dairy products. The best solution is to eat some lactose-free ice cream. But even if you are not lactose-allergic, eating too much ice cream can cause abdominal pain, etc., because ice cream contains high fat, and fat is more difficult to digest than other foods.

Broccoli and raw cabbage

These cellulose and nutrient-rich vegetables are undoubtedly healthy, but they produce gas in the intestines. The solution is very simple. It is to cook the vegetables, that is, dip in boiling water, so that it can decompose some sulfurous materials that will produce gas.


Beans are rich in nutrients, but they can also cause stomach problems. Because the enzymes needed to break down beans are only found in the bacteria in the abdomen, if you don't maintain the habit of eating beans, the abdomen may not have enough enzymes to digest the beans. The result is gas and expansion. So adding soup when cooking beans can help these beans in the stomach. Gradually increase beans in your daily diet. This will help you produce the enzymes you need to break down the beans.

Sugar-free chewing gum

Sorbitol, which is found in many sugar-free chewing gums, may cause esophageal gas production. Check the label instructions to see if you can find sugar-free foods that use other sugar substitutes. At the same time, intake is also very important, most people can take 2-3 grams without problems, but if some foods have 10 sorbitol available, it will certainly be difficult to digest.

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