Dryer to automatic control road development

Editor's note: China's equipment machinery is developing rapidly, but in general it is still lagging behind developed countries. The reason lies in the automation control technology. How to improve the equipment automation technology is an urgent problem to be solved. This is also the most effective way to solve the current situation of the simplification of the dryer and the serious "technical copy".

At present, domestically produced drying equipment generally has problems of low automation level and backward control methods. As far as the current level of automation technology is concerned, it is not difficult to solve the control problem in the drying equipment. The difficulty is the reasonable combination of the automatic control technology and the drying equipment. Different materials have different requirements on the dryer. Similarly, different materials have a greater impact on the requirements of the control means. The role of automatic control in dryers is well known, but its one-time investment is also a major concern, and sometimes the investment in control equipment exceeds the investment in the mechanical part of the dryer. It is also a subject that should be studied at present to determine the appropriate control method for the specific drying project in order to determine the control plan reasonably for the dryer and drying process.

"Keeping it and then making a decision", to solve the existing problems in the industry, so that the entire industry from the cost of mutual imitation and price wars out of the predicament, only wholeheartedly from the basic theoretical research, automation technology and other fields, Meticulously cultivate their own independent innovation ability.

Basic theoretical research is the basis for the development of new technologies, and only the development of drying technology can promote the progress of drying equipment. China should establish a dry basic research base in universities and research institutes. In-depth study of the drying mechanism, laying a theoretical foundation for technology development, so that China's drying equipment will gradually embark on the road of independent innovation.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the amplification study of drying equipment. Amplification involves disciplines such as fluid mechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, materials science, dust removal, corrosion protection, electrical appliances, and control. Some problems are likely to occur during the enlargement process. Therefore, the amplification of the drying device is by no means a simple geometric enlargement. In this respect, it depends to a large extent on industrialization experience, mastery of material properties and knowledge of drying equipment. The phenomena that may occur during the amplification process should be reasonably and objectively predicted, and the corresponding scheme can be proposed. The so-called research amplification effect is to grasp the dry theory and drying technology, pay attention to accumulate practical experience, summarize the amplification law of equipment, and accumulate experience for engineering design.

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