How to prevent winter storage rotten cabbage

Cabbage is very nutritious and known as the "king of food". However, improper storage measures often cause rotten pits and cause unnecessary losses. First, the reasons for the rotten pit 1. improper selection of varieties. Some Chinese cabbage varieties have poor storage stability and over time, resulting in a large number of stripping. Common early-maturing varieties and white-bred varieties have poor storage. 2. High water content. If the water content is too high and the tissue is too brittle before storage, Chinese cabbage can easily cause mechanical injury and cause diseases. In addition, the high water content, the enhanced respiration of Chinese cabbage, and the increase in calories, are likely to cause rot. 3. The cellar temperature is too high or too low. Chinese cabbage prefers a cool and humid storage environment. Its freezing point temperature of the heart is 1.2°C. However, when it is at 0.6°C, the outer leaves begin to freeze. In the long term, below 0.6°C, it will cause freezing damage. Therefore, the most suitable temperature for storing Chinese cabbage is 0°C, and the relative humidity is required to be above 95%. The higher the temperature in the storage environment, the more ethylene is released and the more serious the cabbage is taken off. If the temperature is too low, it will cause the cabbage to be frozen. After the temperature rises, the cabbage will easily dehydrate and cause decay. 4. The cabbage is carrying its own bacteria. When entering the cellar, due to lax selection, some Chinese cabbages with rot and black rot were mixed into the cellar. In particular, some “dry-hearted” Chinese cabbages were sometimes difficult to distinguish from their appearance, but they were bad when stored. Heart rot. Second, prevention measures 1. Select resistant, disease-resistant varieties. For example, Taiyuan Erqing, Beijing No. 100, Qingza No. 3, New Beijing No. 1, Xiaoqingkou, and Tianjin Qingmaye. 2. To prevent pests and diseases in a timely manner during growth, reduce the amount of bacteria and insect bites wounds of Chinese cabbage. 3. Reduce the amount of watering, especially stop watering for a week before harvest. 4. Harvest timely. The Chinese cabbage was harvested too early and due to the high outside temperature, the vegetable trees were easily exposed to heat and the harvest was too late. The trees were easily chilled in the fields. It was advisable to harvest before and after the winter in general in North China. 5. Fully dry before storage. After harvesting, Chinese cabbage must be naturally aired for two to three days. It is advisable that when the dish is erected, its outer leaves should droop without breaking. Remove the yellow and rotten leaves, tear off the auricles of the outer leaves and the "overleafs" (leaves that are longer than the leaves), and remove the vegetables with the pests and wounds. If you cannot enter the pit for the time being, you should plow the roots of cabbage and cover it with vegetables and leaves to avoid freezing. Wait until the ambient temperature drops to 1°C to 2°C before storage. 6. Strengthen the management after entering the pit. Early: from storage to heavy snow or winter solstice, that is, 11 to 12 months, when the outside temperature and the temperature inside the pit are higher, the metabolism of the vegetable tree is relatively strong, should be through a lot of ventilation and ground vegetables and other measures to cool the heat. From the winter solstice to the beginning of spring, from late December to early February, the temperature at this time is the lowest, and the respiration intensity of the vegetable trees in the cellar is also weakened. The antifreeze work should be done by closing the ventilation holes or appropriately controlling the ventilation volume. The time between meals can also be extended accordingly. Late period: After the spring, that is, after mid-February, the outside temperature gradually warms up, and as the trees gradually age, their heat-resistance and disease-resistance abilities are gradually weakened. The management work is mainly based on heat-resisting and anti-corrosion to maintain the appropriate low temperature. And high humidity, to be listed in due course in March. (From: Hebei Science and Technology News)

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