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Aloe vera, a variety of species, perennial evergreen grass plants, won the people's favorite. A lot of flower lovers report that the leaves often appear yellow during the cultivation of aloe. The leaves from the bottom layer begin to yellow, first from the tip of the page and then slowly to the entire leaf surface, affecting the ornamental value. Aloe vera and cactus are all plants that have strong drought resistance. When planting, measures should be taken to prevent and cure the root cause of yellowing.

1. Watering: Aloe vera is more resistant to drought, so watering should be appropriate. Do not water it often, but pour it once after a while. When the weather is relatively dry or when it is exposed to rainy weather, spray "new high fat film" to effectively prevent water transpiration, drought and moisture; reduce the adverse effects of locust plague on aloe, make the root system can get a good breath.

2. Infestation of bacteria: The leaves caused by germs were yellow and roots were rotted. If the root is found to be dark brown, take root and remove the problem of rot.

3. Fertility is not enough: generally use rotted leaf soil and coarse sand mixed with a point of decomposed horse dung, manure, chickens and ducks dung better. Usually can not fertilize, can also be applied 2-3 times in the growth stage of thin liquid fertilizer, or Taomi Shui is better to grow, should not be applied to a thick fertilizer. Fertilizers should not be fertilized in order to avoid rot.

In addition, the main diseases of aloe vera are brown spot, anthrax, leaf blight, and white tinea. Among them, the first three are harmful leaves and the latter one is harmful to the whole plant. All kinds of diseases occur in high temperatures and rainy seasons. Prevention can increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, spraying "new high-fat membrane", Bordeaux mixture; control available carbendazim, chlorothalonil, thiophanate-methyl spraying.

Mushrooms are one of the familiar "mountain treasures". To obtain this reputation, mushrooms are not only dependent on taste, but also related to their rich nutrition and excellent health care value. Mushrooms are very rich in minerals, and especially worth mentioning is potassium. Potassium prevents strokes, assists normal muscle contraction, and reduces hypertension. What we usually call a "potassium star" banana, the potassium content is 256 mg / 100 g, and the potassium content of common mushrooms are: Tricholoma (white mushroom) 1655 mg / 100 g, mushroom 312 mg / 100 g, Agaricus 307 mg / 100 g, far more than bananas.

Dry Flower Shiitake Mushroom

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