Scientific application of phosphorus and potassium can prevent fruit tree disease

The study found that phosphorus and potassium are the "good medicines" for disease resistance of fruit trees. Rational application of phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer can not only prevent and control physiological diseases of fruit trees, but also prevent and control infectious diseases. Many diseases of fruit trees can be alleviated by adding phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. For example, 25 to 40 kilograms of superphosphate and 5 kilograms of potassium chloride per mu, the incidence of fruit rust can be reduced, and its control effect is not lower than the Bordeaux mixture.

The main reason why phosphorus and potassium can prevent the physiological diseases of fruit trees is that some physiological diseases are caused by phosphorus deficiency or potassium deficiency. Phosphorus and potassium can make the fruit bark cells hard, pathogens and virus diseases are not easy to invade. Phosphorus can promote the absorption of silicon by fruit trees and increase resistance to diseases. After applying phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to fruit trees, the stalks are hard, can resist bad environmental conditions, and are effective against external pathogens, resulting in an increased incidence. With it decreased. Phosphorus can also promote respiration and oxidation. When pathogenic microorganisms invade the crop, they can produce certain toxins and poison the bacteria.

Increasing phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can also reduce the degree of dehydration of diseased fruit trees, and can compensate for the loss of nutrients and moisture caused by pathogenic microorganisms, thereby improving disease resistance.

Phosphorus and potassium are essential elements of fruit trees and "good medicines" for disease resistance, but they are not as good as possible. Excessive application of P and K fertilizers is not only wasteful, but also has an adverse effect on the growth and development of fruit trees. If too much phosphorus is applied to the tree, it can inhibit its absorption of certain trace elements (such as zinc, etc.), resulting in underdeveloped root systems, reduced branching, and a large amount of stale fruit.

Therefore, according to different fruit varieties, different soils and other specific conditions, scientific application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer. In general, it is more reasonable to apply high-quality phosphate fertilizer 20-40 kg per mu, 7-8 kg potassium chloride, or 8-12 kg potassium sulfate.

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