Mushroom green mold control technology

Green mold is the most highly competitive and competitive bacteria in the production of shiitake mushrooms. Such as improper management methods, prevention and control will not be timely, will cause major losses to the production of mushrooms, or even absolute production. Therefore, understanding the conditions of the onset of green mold and mastering the comprehensive prevention and control technology of green mold is very necessary for the cultivation of mushrooms. The brief introduction is as follows.
First, the symptoms of the symptoms of green mildew At the beginning of the onset of green mold, white patches of mycelium gradually turned green, dark green, dark green until soft rot. The incidence of green mold for the temperature of 20 ~ 32 °C, acidic environment, high temperature and humidity conducive to the spread of green mold.
Second, the cause of a strain of infection. 2 Violation of operating procedures causing pollution. 3 Infected plants, inoculation room, bacteria room incomplete disinfection caused by the infection of green mold. 4 The bag was damaged causing green mold contamination. 5 high temperature and humidity easily infected with green mold.
Third, control methods
1. Select high-yield, high-quality, and highly resistant strains that have not been infected.
2. The bag is heated in the furnace up to 100°C for 22 hours, must be steamed thoroughly and sterilized. When the furnace temperature drops to 80°C, the furnace is checked and if it is damaged, seal it with a transparent tape to prevent infection and other bacteria.
3, 15 ~ 20 m 2 inoculation room 18 hours before inoculation with 38% formaldehyde 500g fumigation, inoculation tool in a sealed inoculation box with 15 to 20 grams of mushroom Po disinfection for 30 minutes, 15 to 20 meters The 2 chambers were steamed with sulphur on the previous day and then fumigated with 500 grams of formaldehyde.
4, the use of temperature to prevent the growth of green mold mycelium best temperature of 22 ~ 24 °C, and green mold more than 23 °C most susceptible to infection. Therefore, we control according to the optimum temperature of the mushroom mycelium and green mold to avoid high temperature environment, take the following measures: 1 indoor bacteria. Evacuation bags reduce the stacking level. The puncture should be carried out in batches. After the puncture, respiration of the mushroom mycelium increases and heat is released. When the room temperature reaches 28° C., the puncture is stopped. 2 over the summer period. During the summer, when the ambient temperature exceeds 30°C, ventilation and cooling must be done. If you spend the summer in the shed, the height of the shed is preferably 2.8 meters, and the back wall is 60 centimeters and 60 centimeters in vent holes every 12 to 1.5 meters. The front feet of the film were all lifted. The straw film covered the straw curtain to block the sun and the bottom of the discharge bag was dug to a depth of 50 cm wide and 20 cm deep. The plastic film was lined with water. Ground water cooling. Lime is sprinkled on the floor to reduce humidity. 3 Infection of green molds in individual bacterial bags should be handled in an early stage. The infected bags should be stored in a well-ventilated area below 24°C, or the mildew-infected bags should be placed close to a cool, cool surface or placed in a watery trench. Mycelium grows quickly and eats green mold. In the late stage of the onset of green mold, the bag of mushrooms has become dark green and has no preservation value. It is sealed with a knife and then sealed with yellow mud. After this treatment, the uninfected part can grow normally, and the effect is very good.
5, prevention and control of formaldehyde, green mold Mushroom prevention focus on early detection and timely prevention and control, the current formaldehyde is the effect of prevention and control of mushroom green mold more obvious agents. When the size of the green mold plaque is 1 cm in diameter, 1.5 ml of a mixture of formaldehyde and alcohol with a ratio of 1:1 is injected with a syringe to inject 5 needles along the plaque; when the diameter of the green mold plaque is 4 cm, the syringe is used to extract 4 ml of a 1:1 mixture of formaldehyde and alcohol injected 12 needles along the plaque so that the green mold can be effectively controlled.

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