The transport of fresh and special products

Soft-shelled turtles must be strictly inspected before shipment, and should not be shipped for externally injured, deformed, unresponsive, and inflamed soft-shelled turtles. The soft-shelled turtles have habits of biting each other. Therefore, they cannot consolidate the turtles together for a long time. They can use wooden planks in small bamboo baskets and wooden boxes to control turtles. A layer of straw is placed on the bottom of the box and transported after being tied tight. A small number of holes must be worn around the bottom of the box and on the bottom of the lid to facilitate ventilation and prevent the turtle from suffocating. Always water during transit to keep the turtle shell moist. Summer temperatures are high. Before transporting, they must stop for two or three days to allow them to defecate before shipment, keep them clean, and avoid pathogens. At the same time, a net cover must be added to prevent mosquito bites. The pheasant transportation and shipping tools generally use iron cages or bamboo cages. The cages are 80 cm long, 60 cm wide, and 30 cm high. Each cage contains about 10 animals. The height of the cage is generally not to exceed 5 layers, and attention should be paid to the distance between the layer and the cage and the cage to ensure air circulation and heat dissipation. Usually arrive in 24 hours, do not need to feed on the way; if more than 24 hours, should feed and supply drinking water. Feeding in summer is best done at 8 am or 5 pm. Feed the wet material and mix it now. Add appropriate water to the compound feed and mix it with water. The cage should be shaded with leaves and sprinkled with water.

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