Agricultural machinery disassembly techniques

After the Piston Ring Piston pulls the cylinder, the piston ring is mostly stuck in the piston ring groove. Because the piston ring groove edge clearance is very small, the piston ring is difficult to remove. If it is damaged, it will cause waste. In fact, if you encounter such a situation, you can remove the piston from the connecting rod and place it on a flat wooden board. Gently move the piston ring to the dead part for a few times and rely on the elasticity of the piston ring. Remove it.
Since the tires have been used for a long time, the tires are easily rusted on the rims and it is difficult to remove them. If you encounter this situation, you can first remove the tire together with the steel ring, place it on the ground, sprinkle water on the inner ring of the tire, and then hit the circumference of the inner ring of the tire with a hammer, tap and spray water, knock After a few hammers, the water will infiltrate the rust and the tires can be easily removed.
The notch on the thrust edge of the main bearing bush of the 195 type diesel engine of the main bearing bush shall be aligned with the positioning pin on the main bearing cover to ensure that the main bearing cover and the oil hole on the main bearing are aligned. A simple and easy installation method is to draw two parallel lines along the tile surface to the other end of the tile on the two sides of the new tile and the gap. The distance between two parallel lines is the width of the gap. When installing the two straight alignment pins, lightly tapping with a hand hammer, the main bearing bush can be mounted smoothly.
The oil filter of the 195-type diesel engine is installed by the M14 hollow bolt. Since the installation position is narrow, it can barely reach into the hand to operate cautiously. The copper pad inside the bolt can easily fall off. When installing, a few turns of cotton yarn can be wound on the screw head, or the copper pad can be slightly bent and deformed by hand to make the inner hole miniature and slowly screwed into the bolt, so that the screw can be screwed into the screw hole more smoothly. Inside, then tighten the bolt with a spanner.

An Extract is a substance made by extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol or water. Extracts may be sold as tinctures, absolutes or in powder form. The majority of natural essences are obtained by extracting the essential oil from the blossoms, fruit, roots, etc., or the whole plants, through four techniques.

Now this is used in medicine area to help to get the pure substance of the herb. This kind shows several most popular extracts in the market.


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