Battery winter antifreeze six measures

Some operators improperly maintained batteries after the decommissioning of agricultural vehicles such as combine harvesters and four-wheel agricultural tractors. As a result, the batteries were frozen and difficult to repair or scrap. Therefore, when entering the winter, batteries should adopt the following six conservation measures:
Greenhouse elevated storage batteries should be kept in a room above 0°C when not in use, and should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storage, clean the outside of the battery, add enough electrolyte, and fully charge the screw. After every other month, make a supplementary charge. Check the electrolyte level every two weeks. If there is a shortage, add it immediately. In this way, the battery can be safely overwintered.
Increasing the liquid ratio The electrolyte consists of water and sulfuric acid. The higher the content of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, the higher the specific gravity of the electrolyte and the lower the temperature at which the electrolyte freezes. To this end, localities can select suitable electrolyte specific gravity according to the local minimum winter temperature to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.
Keeping the power of the foot in the winter, when the battery is discharged 50%, the electrolyte is in danger of freezing. For this reason, the degree of discharge of winter storage batteries must not exceed 50%. In the winter, check the battery's storage status frequently, and add it in time if it is insufficient.
Increasing the temperature of the electrolyte The temperature of the electrolyte has a great influence on the capacity of the battery. When the ambient temperature decreases by 1°C, the capacity decreases by approximately 1%-2%. Therefore, to increase the temperature of the electrolyte, the locomotive should be parked indoors, or the battery should be moved into the room above 0°C.
Aqueous liquid mixed evenly The battery should be mixed with the electrolyte and mixed with distilled water. If it is too late to mix, the distilled water that floats on the electrolyte layer will freeze. To add distilled water to the battery for this winter, charge the battery immediately, or add distilled water while charging, so that the electrolyte and distilled water can be quickly mixed, and it will not be frozen.
Start the inspection regularly Start the system should check the maintenance regularly. Adjustable voltage regulator to increase charging voltage to 0.60v. Do not allow more than 3--5 seconds per start, not start once, should stop for 1 minute before starting. Long-term continuous start will damage the starter motor and battery.

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