From the tail gas emissions situation

Phenomenon: Exhaust gas is blue and white Disease: The engine oil enters the combustion chamber. If the exhaust pipe exhausts after the warm-up vehicle is blue-white, it means that the organic oil in the car enters the combustion chamber. This is an illness that eats engine oil. Must be returned to the repair shop for repair. This kind of problem will not only occur in the old body. If the new car is overfilled with oil, it will exceed the upper limit, and too much oil will enter the combustion chamber to produce white exhaust. It must be noted that when the cold weather is just on the road, if the exhaust pipe emits white smoke, it may be the result of condensation of water vapor. It cannot be mistaken, but it is not normal for the tailpipe of the hot car to emit white smoke. Phenomenon: Tail gas is black: Gasoline mixture ratio is too high If the exhaust gas is black, it means that the mixture ratio of gasoline is too high. Excessive gas mixture ratio, in addition to contaminating the air, along with the consequences of fuel consumption, acceleration, and engine internal carbon deposition, must be adjusted as soon as possible. The smell of exhaust gas should also pay attention to it. If it smells very pungent, it may be due to improper adjustment of the engine's carbon monoxide value. It is best to thoroughly check with the instrument. Phenomenon: tail gas presents other abnormal symptoms: poor engine oil, air filter plugging and other reasons, as well as dirty or poor quality engine oil, blocked air filter element, or broken piston ring of cylinder piston, etc. Unpleasant bad exhaust. Emissions are one of the statutory inspection items for vehicle inspections. For the quality of air and for your own wallet, if you find that your car's exhaust is abnormal, you should quickly adjust it. An abnormally discharged car is absolutely impossible to save fuel.

Laser Knee Massager combine Red light and laser light to reduce the knee pain, And it also has heat and massage function.

Laser Knee Massager Product Features:
1. large LCD display, the device working details can be see clearly.
2. 808 nm laser irradiation, quickly relieve knee pain.
3. Carbon fiber infrared heating, deep to repair damaged tissues.
4. Humanized design, 90 degree exterior shape, no need extra handheld during the treatment.
5. 16 pcs led light, accelerate the blood circulation, and repair the damaged tissue and cells.

Laser Knee Massager

Function 1

• laser light

[Mechanism] through the wavelength of 808nm, single laser output of the maximum power of 5mW laser irradiation of the nasal cavity or acupuncture points to the blood into a large number of photons, photons absorbed by blood cells and converted into internal energy, activation of blood cells, improve its ability to deform Oxygen-carrying capacity, improve blood flow and viscosity, improve blood rheology parameters, play to eliminate inflammation, reduce blood viscosity and lipid levels.


• LED red light rejuvenation

The red light with wavelength of 625nm has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density, and is effective in skin care and Health Care treatment. Red light can improve cell activity, promote cell metabolism, so that a large number of collagen secretion of collagen and fibrous tissue filling itself. Red light for a variety of skin, can promote blood circulation, so that collagen regeneration, so that the skin is more smooth, improve the skin c dry, hair loss, hair follicle damage alopecia are improved.

Laser Knee Massage

Function 2

 â€¢ Carbon fiber is far infrared

 â€¢ The sun is the source of life, in all the sun rays, far infrared rays can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue, promote blood circulation, quickly absorbed by the living body, known as the "light of life"; carbon fiber heating wire power, , The carbon crystal molecules to do "Brownian movement", carbon molecules friction and collision between each other, resulting in a large number of wavelengths in the 6 ~ 14um of the far red line.

Laser Knee Massager

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