Melon-bean-ginger efficient planting technology

Cucumber, cowpea, ginger, this three-dimensional efficient planting technology, the general yield of 3000 kilograms of cucumber per mu production of 2500 kilograms per mu, ginger 2500 kilograms, per mu output value of about 8,000 yuan, net income of 5000-6000 yuan.
Transplanting cucumber seedlings, sowing in late March to early April, planting in late April. The width is 80 centimeters wide and the width is 33 centimeters. Each row is planted in double rows with a spacing of 33-66 centimeters and about 2400 acres. Apply 2500 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 40 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 20 kg of superphosphate and 10 kg of potassium sulfate. After the live seedlings, Miao Shi Ti Miao Fei 1-2 times, after the melon seed dressing three times. Cucumber roots grow shallowly, and the topdressing should be light and shallow. When the melon vine grows to 25 centimeters, use a bamboo pole to set up the “person” rack. From the end of May to late July, pick the melons to market. During the growth of cucumbers, attention was paid to the control of downy mildew and wilt disease with 600-fold dilutions of mancozeb and trehalose.
Kidney beans, a variety of pods available for selection, use the scaffolding of the previous pods of cucumbers and plant them 10-15 days before the cucumbers are harvested. The time is about the beginning of July. According to the spacing of 33-66 centimeters, sowing seedlings, Qimiao after the top-seeding seedlings fertilizer 1-2 times, before and during the middle of the shoot, each mus of 10 kg of urea, the previous shelf should be Ruji, so that the bean vines on shelves, the main cowpea Disease is rust, can be used 25% Triadimefon 10000 liquid spray control, soybean meal, aphid can be used seasons red plus BT mixture spray control, from mid-August to early September harvest.
Ginger germinated indoors in early April. After planting live cucumber in late April, two rows of ginger were planted in rows between the rows, 25-25 cm apart, and about 5000 plants per mu. Ginger needs a large amount of fertilizer. After the emergence, a thin manure water is applied. After the seedlings 7-10 days, 10 kilograms of urea and potassium chloride are applied. After the middle and late stages, the plant ash is increased, and the weeding, weeding, and earthing are carried out in time. 2-3 times. Ginger is afraid of high temperature and strong light, hi humid and warm environment, and in the melon scaffolding, the sun is blocked by leaves and leaves, its strength is greatly weakened, suitable for the needs of growth and development of ginger, ginger, water requirements are more stringent, to keep the soil moist, When it is dry and watered, it will be drained. Harvesting period: The tender ginger is excavated before and after the white dew. The main disease of ginger is the rot disease, ie, ginger borer, which has a large loss of yield. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly select disease-free ginger, pay attention to field drainage, and prevent waterlogging. The diseased plants should be removed in a timely manner, and should be sterilized with 20% dexamethasone or 1000-fold solution of zein zinc or agricultural streptomycin in water around the diseased plants. The diseased plants should be buried or burned to strictly control the infection. . (Zhu Liqing, Service Center, Dangyang Agricultural 110, Hubei Province)

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