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Straw-covered no-tillage cultivation of potato has the characteristics of labor saving, production increase and income increase, and is also conducive to the use of straw. In the last two years of trial planting, most of the Qiu Blocks have been successful, but some Qiu Blocks have not been successful or not fully successful, mainly due to drought, waterlogging, and especially freezing damage. Drawing lessons from recent experiences and lessons, the straw-covered potato should pay attention to "five changes."
A change without germination sowing seeds for germination. Seedling emergence is a common problem in potato production. In recent years, straw covering potatoes has also appeared to be uneven, affecting potato development progress and even opening up. According to the survey, the main reason is that some potato species have not completely relieved dormancy. In particular, the cultivation of potatoes for vegetables is generally planted around the end of November. The temperature at the time of sowing is high, and some potato species dormancy is deeper. Special attention should be paid to taking measures to break the dormancy. According to experience, the use of germination method is conducive to breaking the dormancy and increasing the rate of Qi and Miao. The specific approach is to cut large potato varieties (small seeds do not need to be cut) into 25-gram chunks of potato before sowing. Each potato should have 1-3 buds and then use 1 gram of “920”. Dissolve a little strong wine, dilute 10 kg of water, add the potato seed, soak for 5 minutes, remove and drain, apply the ash to the wound, and sow immediately. For the morning market, vegetable potatoes should pay attention to appropriate early sowing and generally sowing in the late November or so. Sowing should pay attention to the election of soil moisture is not wet. After sowing, pay attention to waterproof and stain or dry weather to drench wet soil.
The second change to wide shallow shallow trench for the deep trench. In winter 2003 sow potato seeds (covered with straw) in the hillocks, some hillocks have rotten species, serious rotten species rate of more than 30%. According to the survey, the main reason is that the car's surface is too wide and uneven, causing "fossil water", shallow and unobstructed drainage channels, and continuous rainfall after sowing, so that straw "bubbles" in the water, the soil is heavily soiled, and the seed potato is deprived of oxygen. And incur pathogen infection, causing bad potatoes. In 2001, the winter sowing potato also suffered drought due to continuous drought after sowing. One of the important reasons is that the car is too wide. Therefore, the rice straw is covered with no-tillage potatoes, especially the narrow box deep trenches. First, we must choose a good drainage paddy field or dry soil cultivation, in accordance with the width of 1.3 meters, compartment width 30 cm, depth 20 cm, and open the main ditch, Wei ditch, so that "three ditch" supporting, narrow box depth The ditch is conducive to drainage and anti-staining in case of rainy weather after sowing, and irrigation and drought relief in dry weather conditions. The car's surface is shaped like a turtle with a lower, middle high turtle shape. When drought occurs, the water is poured into the depth of the ditch by 1/2 to 2/3, and the soil is infiltrated to infiltrate the soil to prevent submergence, flood irrigation, and long-term irrigation.
The three changes do not cover the plastic film for arching. Vegetable potato sowing earlier, early emergence, vulnerable to frost weather hazards. For example, the frost on March 7, 2003 made the potato freeze damage more serious, delaying the tuber period and time to market, and reducing commodity prices. The use of mulch filming and covering vegetables potatoes, not only no worry of frost damage, and can be listed before and after mid-March, the general up to 2 yuan per kilogram or more, per mu output value up to 3,000 yuan. The potatoes were planted around the end of November. After the seeds were sown on the surface, they were arched with bamboo and covered with plastic film. At high temperatures, take care to remove anti-burning seedlings at both ends of the membrane, cover straw curtains on both sides of the membrane to protect the seedlings during strong cold or freezing weather, and remove the straw curtains after adverse weather.
Four changes in light weight basal fertilization for basal fertility. Some potato blocks in the production have a poor growth. According to the survey, the basal fertilizers were insufficiently applied, and some did not even use basal fertilizers. The correct method is to plant 2,000-2,500 kilograms of pig manure on the surface of Mu before sowing, and then sow the potatoes, then apply the decomposed ash fertilizer, and use 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 20-25 kilograms per mu. Into the pot, avoid contact with seed potatoes. After fertilization, evenly cover the 8-10 cm thick straw. The straw should cover the entire surface of the car, paying particular attention to the edge of the car. After covering the grass, the plastic film covers the arch.
The five reforms do not pay attention to pest control to pay attention to pest control. Pay attention to control 10% locust net locusts, use 2.5% enemy to kill and control 28 ladybugs, use 25% metalaxyl or 70% mancozeb to control late blight, use 5% bacteriophage to prevent virus disease .

It is used for lung deficiency, dry cough, palpitation, insomnia, excessive heat and sweat. It can invigorate Qi and stimulate vital energy. Treatment of Qi deficiency, lung dryness and cough, with North Salvia miltiorrhiza, Ophiopogon japonicus, treatment of Qi and Yin deficiency of palpitation insomnia, sweating, with Ziziphus jujuba seed, Schisandra chinensis, etc. But its strength of invigorating Qi, nourishing Yin and invigorating Jin is weaker than that of American ginseng. Pseudostellaria heterophylla is a Caryophyllaceae plant. It is similar to ginseng in different families and genera. But its medicinal effect is weak. It needs to be taken continuously in large doses in order to achieve good results.

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