Detection and Prevention Technology of Peach Fruit Locust

Peach fruit borer is mainly responsible for larvae fruit damage, fruit damage pinhole eye size, poke hole out of eyeball pectin, commonly known as "flowing tears", soon dry white waxy powder, the hole after healing into a small black point depression. After entering the fruit, the larvae cross the food in the flesh, defecate in the flesh, commonly known as "stuffing", not fully inflated young fruit, after the victim is mostly deformed, commonly known as "the fruit of the head of the hedgehog," the victim of the fruit can not be eaten, lost its value.
The occurrence of peach borer is different between different years, and there are great differences, especially the influence of climatic conditions. The morning and evening of unearthing are the short time, and the first rain in late May and the middle of June. As soon as it comes, it is often difficult to prevent and control work. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the prediction and prediction of peach borer.
First, forecast
1. Dingshu observation (observation during the unearthed period): In the previous year, the fruit tree (mid-late-maturing varieties) or the fruit-planting place attached with 5-10 strains was selected in the last year. Several bricks and tiles were piled up near the base of the pedestal. From late May to early June, observations were made as to whether there were larvae crawling, and the number of larvae unearthed each day. When the soil was continuously unearthed every day, the herbs were scattered under the trees to kill the unearthed soil. Overwintering larvae.
2. Prediction of adult overwintering emergence period: (1) Sex attractant trapping method. The synthetic peach-feeding moth sex attractant was placed on a water bowl and the detergent powder was added to the bowl. The distance between the water and the sex attractant was 1 cm. The water bowl was hung on the peripheral branch of the fruit tree 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground level. The number of adult males caught in the trapped peach borer was observed periodically every day, and this amount was changed to obtain the emergence period, peak period, and end period (per A sexual attractant is placed 50 square feet. When the adult trapping population increases for several days and then begins to decline, the adult population appears to be the adult's peaking period. The peak period of spawning occurs after the peak stage, so trapping the adult after 3-5 peaks Days are the best time for chemical control and prevention and control.(2) Adult trapping and forecasting with sweet and sour liquids 500-1000 fruits in the field, check the oviposition condition of the fruits, remember to lay eggs after remembering, when the fruit rate reaches 0.5-1%, can predict the control of egg rate calculation formula: egg rate = the number of eggs to investigate the number of 100%.
Second, control methods
1. Ground control: According to the results of larvae unearthed observations, when the overwintering larvae crawled for 1-2 hours before being uncovered, the insects were sprayed on the ground under the crown to kill the unearthed larvae, which could be used 1000 times as much as 5% phoxim EC. Liquid, requiring 1-1.5 cm of wet topsoil. After spraying, use tooth rakes to dig shallowly, 3-5 cm deep. Membrane can also be used to cover the site, suffocating dead soil larvae.
2, the tree control: (1) sexual attractants kill adult. (2) sex attractant obsessive method to make male adults can not find female adults for copulation, can not breed the next generation, to every 30-50 square put a sex lure, so that the female orchard in the air to disseminate female adults stimulate odor, so that Male adults do not find female adults for mating. (3) The sweet and sour liquid kills the adult. (4) According to the prediction results of the adult emergence and the egg period, the spraying of pesticides on the trees is controlled. The pesticides that kill both adult and larvae, kill eggs, and have a long residual period of time are selected. The specific formula is as follows: black light 2000 times liquid + hundred hair hundred 750 Double fluid. Peach small quick kill 2000 times liquid + 500 times liquid parathion. Peach ovulation is 2000 times liquid + 100 times 100 times.

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