Hybrid rice pregermination technique

Hybrid rice pregermination technique

According to the current promotion of the middle rice varieties have the characteristics of light grain, easy to absorb water, warm in the middle of the germination characteristics, the implementation of "three leaching three filters" germination technology, can prompt the strong buds. This method is simple, safe and reliable. The general principle is: panning before dipping. Less soak multi-filter, white night filter. The specific method is: 1, drying seeds: Soak seeds before the sunny sun 1-2 days. 2. Wash more than 2 times in the dip and remove the husks. 3, less dip multi-filtration: the first day of fresh water soaking 8-10 hours, filter type 14-16 hours, the next day and the third day of water soaking for 6 hours, filter 18 hours. 4. Appropriate insulation: appropriate insulation at night in the filter seeding period: that is, two feet after the pad, straw, a bale of straw on the cover, three consecutive days. On the fourth day, keep sprouting. When the broken chest reaches more than 70%, it can be washed with water several times, and then put back into the original bud again. When the root bud is quite long, the grain can be sowed. Special Note: In the high-temperature year of April (average above 20 degrees), do not filter in the sun during the day and avoid high-temperature sprouting. The germination rate can reach 80% before planting.

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