Pesticide use taboo

1, bogey well water dispensing. Well water contains more calcium, magnesium and other minerals, and they easily react with chemicals to produce precipitates, thereby reducing the efficacy.

2, hanged sewage pharmaceuticals. Sewage contains a lot of impurities, spray after spraying will block the sprayer nozzle, while also destroying the stability of the liquid, reducing efficacy.

3, avoid windy days and spraying under high temperature. Wind blowing pesticides will cause pesticides to drift; spraying in rainy days, the liquid is washed by rain and it is easy to reduce the efficacy of the drug; spraying at high temperatures is prone to phytotoxicity and poisoning. Therefore, the best application time is at 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 6 pm. The weather is sunny and the breeze applies.

4, avoid abuse of pesticides. Should be based on the type of crops, control objects and pharmaceutical properties of the corresponding pesticides, to achieve the right medicine, and at the same time blindly increase the amount of application, resulting in increased resistance to pests and reduce the control effect, but also prone to phytotoxicity.

5, bogey spraying. Crops and fruit trees are applied during flowering and are prone to phytotoxicity.

6, bogey before the application of pesticides. Because pesticides will cause residues in crops, if pesticides are taken before harvesting, drug residues can easily lead to poisoning after human consumption.

7, bogey a drug used. Long-term use of pesticides of one or a kind of dosage forms can make the insects resistant to produce a reduced control effect, and therefore should be used alternately.

The medical mask is composed of a meltblown fabric and two layers of non-woven fabric, 66.7% non-woven cloth +33.3% melt spray cloth

During the scheduled period of use, medical masks must not be split or torn

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