Facility Grapes Grasping Two Critical Periods Controlling Botrytis

Gray mold is one of the most harmful diseases in grape production. In recent years, with the expansion of the cultivation area of ​​grape facilities, the condition has been increasing year by year.

According to Wu Weimin, researcher of fruit trees at the Institute of Horticulture, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the occurrence of grape gray mold is mainly related to the air humidity. Usually, due to poor ventilation and high humidity, the disease is heavier than open field cultivation. There are two peak periods in the year. The first time is before and after the grape is blooming. At this time, the temperature is low and the air humidity is high, which often results in a large number of inflorescences. The second time is the fruit's coloration to the mature period, during which the continuous rain occurs. The weather causes cracking, and the bacteria can easily invade from the wound, causing the fruit to rot. Temperatures in the range of 20-23°C and air relative humidity above 85% are most suitable for gray mold.

The prevention of gray mold should focus on the following measures. One is spring garden. Timely removal of the sick and weeds in the park, centralized treatment, and reduce the source of bacteria. The second is to wipe the buds promptly and finish the shoot. During the growing period of the grapes, the buds, toppings, and trimming the shoots are timely and the ventilation and transparence of the orchard are enhanced to reduce the humidity in the garden. The third is the supporting ditch system. Clear up the ditch in the park so that it can drain in time after the rain. The fourth is rational fertilization. Control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer to prevent plant growth. Fifth, chemical control. Before the sprouting of the grapes, suitable concentrations of lime sulfur can be used for prevention and treatment. After the grape leaves are fully developed and prior to the occurrence of gray mold, 80% Mancozeb WP can be used 600-800 times, 78% Pol. Manganese Zn wettable powder 400-600 times, 50% thiram. The wettable powder 500-1000 times, 50% isoprenil wettable powder 600-800 times liquid spray prevention, has better protection. After the occurrence of gray mold in the field, you can use 50% ethylene nucleus dry suspension 500-1000 times, 400 g / l pyrimethanil suspension 1000-1500 times, 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 800 Times, 50% carbendazim WP 800-1000 times spray control.

Under conditions of cultivation and cultivation, if the humidity in the field is large, pyrimethanil or procymidone can be smoked.

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