How to ensure survival of flower seedlings

It is often difficult for first flower growers to feed newly purchased flower seedlings. The reason is that there are many problems in the upper basin and initial management.
There are three kinds of flower seedlings sold in the general market: bare roots, earth balls, and pots. For these three kinds of flower seedlings, they should be treated differently. The first thing to do is to look at whether the basin has been the original pot, or whether it is a temporary pot. If it is a temporary pot, it must be replanted. Because the root treatment of the temporary upper basin is poor and the soil is also poor, it is necessary to replant; reconstruct the nutrient soil suitable for the growth of the flower seedlings, straighten out and remove the damaged and decayed fibrous roots, and spread the root system to replant. For the soil ball, whether it is the original soil or the soil that will be packaged later, the soil ball must be removed for two purposes: first, to prevent the original soil ball from being over-tightened and difficult to integrate with the soil that was later filled in; Second, check whether the roots are damaged or rot, and remove the useless roots to facilitate renewed new roots. The bare root seedlings are relatively easy to handle. Because the seedlings are bare, the freshness and health status are easy to find, as long as they are fresh, the roots must be relatively complete, and the pots are properly managed. The survival rate is higher than the former two.
It is one of the keys to supporting the new flower seedlings. It is best to: no matter what kind of flower seedlings, first use the tile pot to plant, so that it has a hair root transition period; soil selection in addition to loose, breathable, not water, but also for different flowers, appropriate Adjust the pH of the soil to suit the different requirements of various flowers on the soil, and create a good environment for the growth of flower seedlings.
With a good pot of seedlings, the first two months of care are critical. Due to the seedlings in the new basin, the root system was damaged to varying degrees, the original growth environment suddenly changed, and its breathing and supply capacity was temporarily difficult to return to normal, and it was in the period of adaptation and adjustment. Therefore, nursing should follow the principle of “fewer watering, The basic principle of “spraying water, not applying fertilizer, and keeping wind away from light” is to ensure that the basin soil does not accumulate water, and that the foliage does not lose water; it would rather let the potted soil be dry, and it must not let the potted soil water, otherwise the root system will not only be difficult to germinate new roots. , And it will be decomposed due to water, air, and lack of oxygen, and it will seriously cause the flower seedlings to survive. This is why it is difficult for many people to plant new seedlings.

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