Is it possible to use a combination of pyrazosulfuron?

According to the relevant information, the combination of sulfonylurea herbicides such as thrips and pyrazosulfuron has a certain degree of antagonism, which will affect the control effect of thrips, and the amount of thrips should be increased appropriately when used in combination. Like the effective ingredients of the Wei Pai and Hummer, the combination of Wei Pa and Perfumesulfuron may affect the effectiveness of Wei Pai. Application of Weiba in paddy fields requires high application of pesticides. Generally, they should be used after the rice leaves at the 5-leaf stage, with 6.9% Weiba 30-35 ml per mu, and the amount of pesticides can not be large, otherwise it is easy to produce phytotoxicity to rice. It is recommended not to mix Vespa and Pyridoxulfuron at will. If mixed, a small area test should be conducted first. Chlorine is mixed to eradicate weeds.

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Black Rice Vinegar

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