Some uses of soybean meal

Soybean meal is the most abundant and most versatile of the 12 animal and vegetable oilseed meal products such as cottonseed meal, peanut meal and rapeseed meal. As a kind of high protein, soybean meal is the main raw material for the production of livestock and poultry feed. It can also be used to make cakes, health foods, and cosmetics and antibiotic raw materials.

About 85% of the soybean meal is used for raising poultry and pigs. The various amino acids contained in the soybean meal are suitable for the nutritional needs of poultry and pigs. Experiments have shown that without additional animal protein, only the amino acids contained in soybean meal are sufficient to balance the nutrition of poultry and pigs, thereby promoting the nutrient absorption of livestock. Poultry pods have been maximally utilized in poultry and pig rearing. Only when the cost per protein of cottonseed meal and peanut meal is much lower than that of soybean meal will it be considered for use. In fact, soybean meal has become the benchmark for comparison of other protein sources.

During the feeding of dairy cows, delicious, easy-to-digest pods increase milk yield. In the rearing of beef cattle, soybean meal is also one of the most important oilseed meal. Soybean meal is also used to make pet food. Simple mixed foods of corn and soybean meal have the same value as foods made from high animal protein. In recent years, soybean meal has also been widely used in aquaculture. The various amino acids contained in soybean meal can fully meet the special needs of fish for amino acids.

Use of soybean meal in animal husbandry (%)

Poultry 52

Pig 26

Cow 7

Cow 6

Pet 2

Food Processing 2

Other 2

Total 100

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