How to maintain the new agricultural machinery after use

First, after some users purchase a new machine, they only use it seasonally. After they use it, they are allowed to spend their days in the sun and rain, until the season comes. At this time, it often occurs that the machine cannot rotate. For example, cylinders, piston rings, valves, seat rings, and conduits in the engine are all rusted and the loss is very large. In order to avoid this from happening, the following special maintenance must be done for the machine that stays for a long time after use:
1. Clean the machine's appearance, including agricultural machinery.
2. Put the machine in a dry and ventilated place.
3. Discharge the cooling water from the air pipes and tanks to the net.
4. Start the machine for about 20 seconds so that the residual moisture in the body evaporates.
5. Shake the crankshaft, set the machine at the beginning of the compression stroke (at this time, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, the high pressure oil pump wheel is not pressed by the camshaft of the camshaft), keep this position and move the support air tube Mouth bandage (the purpose is not to allow insects and dust, impurities into it).
6. Apply a layer of fresh engine oil to the parts of the agricultural machinery and machine that are likely to rust.
7. For every 2 months, remove the dressing of the intake and exhaust nozzles, start the machine for more than ten seconds (without adding cooling water), replace the machine with the original parking position, and re-wrap the inlet and exhaust nozzles. .
Second, to the thresher, pumps, grinders and other machines to clean their appearance, and on the easy rust on the site of a good anti-rust oil, and then the material inlet and discharge port cover, to prevent hard objects fall into the inside. For the pump, drain the water from the pump housing.

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