Mechanized tillage how to do a safe operation

1) Reverse operation is strictly prohibited. When turning corners in the field, the machine should be slightly lifted to reduce turning resistance to avoid damaging the working parts. The work parts of the implements are to be stopped when transferring the land and adjusting the implements.
2) The adjustment of the cultivating depth of the walking tractor is controlled by the tail wheel or skid (for hydroponic use). Loosen the pinch handle on the tail wheel seat and move the outer tube of the tail wheel up and down to adjust the position of the tail wheel in a larger range. In general, the handle can be rotated to adjust the depth of cultivation. The use of the outer tube should be as appropriate as possible, and then use the handle to make a small amount of adjustment.
3) When plowing, attention should be paid to the direction of cultivation. As far as possible, only one large ridge or large furrow should be left in the field. Plows should be avoided as much as possible for long periods of overload to prevent deformation of the pallet.
4) In the towing cultivator, both ends should be close to horizontal when working in a universal joint. When the universal joint is raised in working condition, the rotation speed should be slowed down, and the lifting height should be limited so that the angle between two ends of the universal joint does not exceed 30.
5) When working, after the tiller and on the machine, stop the station to prevent accidents.
6) Farm implements driven by tractors require the driver to pay special attention to vigilance and be ready to cut off power to avoid accidents.
7) When parking, the tiller should land on the ground and must not be hung and parked.

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