How to process sugar melon?

Sugar melon is a traditional candied sugar product in China because it is a pure sweet or high-sugar food. In recent years, almost no one in the food market is interested in it. It is only when the Chinese New Year is over or when pie filling is done. Its processing technology is as follows:

1, raw materials: should choose a full maturity of the old melon, not enough mature melon will be due to too many moisture, affecting the appearance of products and even Tibetan-resistant.

2. Treatment: The raw materials need to be peeled to cut the heart. The width of the strip is about 1 cm long and 2.5 cm long. The machine can be used instead of artificial.

3, hardening: melon tissue structure is loose, not resistant to cooking. If not hardened, the product cannot be molded. The melon sticks should be soaked in 3% lime water to harden, that is, 1.5 kg of quick lime, add 50 kg of fresh water to stir the lime to fully dissolve, and let stand for 30 minutes. Take the supernatant to soak the melon, so that the pectin generated in the cells Calcium acid makes the raw material resistant to boiling. The soaking time is 8 hours. After soaking, wash it with clean water and confirm that the melon strips are not alkaline. Drain the water for use.

4, candied: the amount of sugar boiled with sugar is 0.8 times the amount of melon sticks, the first sugar dissolved in water into 50% sugar solution, and then pour the melon strips into direct heating with sugar water, initially due to the large amount of water evaporation , can increase the heat, with a pot or stainless steel pot can also cook directly. When cooking, keep stirring and pay attention to the heat until the melon is transparent. The concentration of sugar is continuously increased to more than 70%, indicating that the sugar absorption of the melon strip is close to saturation, and the heat is weakened to avoid the occurrence of sugar coking. Until the end of the recrystallization of sugar. The sugar solution is no longer in solution.

5, baking: the sugar melon was poured out on a baking sheet and baked at 60-65 degrees Celsius for 12-16 hours until the product moisture content was 18-20%.

6, finished packaging: film bag sealed packaging.

Quality requirements: sugar winter melon color white, dry appearance, there are uniform fine sand crystals, the entrance loose, sweet, total sugar content of 70%.

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