Agricultural machinery fault prediction has eight points

In the course of operation of agricultural machinery, if a mechanical failure occurs, light traffic accidents result, people are injured, vehicles are damaged, and heavy vehicles are destroyed. How to predict the failure of the tractor to avoid accidents?

1, shape forecast. By observing the appearance of the tractor, if the tractor is parked on a flat road with an incline, the tire has abnormal wear, scratches, missing parts, etc., the farmer should be vigilant.

2. Leakage prediction. For example, if the sealing performance of some parts of the tractor deteriorates, water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, and electrical leakage occur.

3, fuel consumption forecast. Various fuel consumptions of tractors have standard ranges. If there is a significant increase in fuel consumption, it indicates that the tractor has hidden faults.

4. Sound prediction. If some parts of the tractor rattle during operation, the part is faulty.

5. Clearance prediction. The clearances of all parts of the tractor have their standard values. If the clearance is too large or too small, it means there is a fault.

6. Odor prediction. When driving, if you smell an abnormal smell (burnt smell, etc.), it means that the car is malfunctioning.

7, temperature forecast. Feeling high temperature in driving, or stop checking midway, touch the temperature of each part of the vehicle is not normal, such as touch brake

Drums, tires, rear axle housings, transmission housings, etc., whose temperatures are unbearable by the hand, indicate that the tractor is malfunctioning.

8, performance prediction. The various performances of the tractor will decrease as the mileage increases, but it is very slow and it should not be felt.

A sudden deterioration in performance on the road indicates that there has been a malfunction (eg, a rapid drop in the engine's power performance, a brake failure, etc.).

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