Seven Points to Speed ​​up the Turn of Mushrooms

Flammulina Turnover refers to the whole process from the end of tidal mushroom picking to the formation of the next tidal mushroom. The duration of the tidal time directly affects the total production of the mushroom. Here's how to speed up the migration of the mushroom:

Timely clearance of fruit surface fruit body cap diameter of 1 ~ 1.5 cm, 14 ~ 15 cm long stem harvesting, timely removal of the mushroom head and mushroom residue on the material surface after harvest, remove the individual surface of the old bacteria compacted Silk, to minimize mechanical damage, protect the original mushroom base.

Appropriate ventilation and cooling In the mushrooming stage, in order to harvest high-quality velvet mushroom with small cover, long shank, light color, and rich tenderness, it is generally covered with a layer of plastic film on the bacterium bag to ensure the required humidity for the mushroom growth and create a carbon dioxide. High concentration of microenvironment. However, high humidity and high carbon dioxide concentration are not conducive to renewing budding. It can be used to remove air and ventilation in the morning and evening so that it can form the original foundation as quickly as possible and accelerate the tide.

The faintly scattered light mushroom can completely form mushroom primordium in the dark environment, but the amount formed is far less than that formed in the weak light scattering environment. Therefore, a certain amount of scattered light should be given during the tide transition. The "seventh-shade" environment can speed up the differentiation of the primordium of the mushroom to form a mushroom bud.

The optimum temperature for the reasonable regulation of the temperature of the mushroom primordium is 13°C~15°C. If the temperature is high, you can increase the amount of water spray in the empty room, and fully ventilate and cool. It should be noted that when the temperature is high, the humidity can not be too large, otherwise it will make the mushroom legs black and the villi increase, thus causing diseases. If the temperature is low, you can spray hot water or warm the mushroom room to avoid delaying the formation of mushroom primordium due to excessive temperature difference and affecting the growth of mushroom buds, which is not conducive to turning tides.

The moisture content of the culture material must be suitable for the moisture content of the culture material must reach 65% to 70% in order to ensure its normal growth and smooth transition in the later period. If the culture material is relatively dry, add more fresh water in the bag at one time, and pour out excess water after 2 to 4 hours. Add 50 to 100 ml to each bag.

Mushrooming After the second tidal mushroom is picked, it should be turned on the other side to produce mushrooms, which will increase the speed of tidal turnover, and the yield is equivalent to that of the first tidal mushroom. However, it should be noted that the mycelium that is not thoroughly translucent or has bacterial infections should not be turned into a mushroom.

Prevent mushroom bulbs from surrounding bulbs often appear around the mushroom, there is no or little fruiting phenomenon in the middle, you can add 20% of the mixed material in the culture material, not only to prevent around the mushroom, but also promote the formation of mushroom primordium .

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