Pre-planting of eggplant early maturing

(1) Seedbed production: In the heat preservation seedlings of eggplant, the heat preservation facilities include Yangshuo plastic sheds and greenhouses. The heating facilities mainly include brewing heat and electric heating. Eggplant seedlings grow slowly, require high temperatures, and are more difficult to grow than tomatoes and peppers. To nurture strong seedlings, in addition to seedlings planted at the beginning of November to December, cold seedlings can be used, generally nursery seedlings should be used. In the south of the Yangtze River, plastic sheds are used as insulation measures to assist heating and electric heating. The nutrient soil in the sowing bed has a thickness of 4 to 5 cm.
(2) Preparation of nutritious soil: The raw materials of nutritious soil mainly include soil and fertilizer. The soil must be selected from places where eggplants and potatoes have not been planted within a year or two. It is best to take soil from the land where the legumes, scallions, celery, etc. have just been planted, and to use the top soil within 15 cm. it is good. Soil viscosity is not suitable to do nutritious soil, requires the choice of sandy loam. Fertilizer is divided into two kinds of delayed fertilizers and quick-acting fertilizers. Late-effect fertilizers include manure, compost, river mud, mud ash, garbage sludge, and cake fertilizer. Delayed fertilizers must be fully decomposed or weathered before they are used; quick-acting fertilizers mainly include ash and human dung. Urine, chemical fertilizers, etc. Such as the outskirts of Hangzhou, the general use of garden soil 50% to 70%, 20% to 40% of rubbish, human urine 5% to 10%, compound fertilizer 0.1%. Conditions can use wood chips 50%, organic fertilizer 10%, human waste 5% to 10%, after a period of accumulation and fermentation, plus ash 30%, compound fertilizer O.1% prepared . The best method is to use northeastern turf carbon, plus 0.2% compound fertilizer and 5% human urine to make nutritious soil. The nutritive soil should be accumulated in advance, and the old film should be covered with rain after the accumulation. Before use, the nutritious soil shall be smashed and sieved to remove debris, such as stones, which is not conducive to the growth of the seedling roots. Then the nutrients shall be placed in the nutrient bowl, and the packed nutrients shall be placed on the nursery bed in a neat and compact manner.
(3) Seed treatment: The skin of eggplant seeds is hard, and water and oxygen are difficult to enter. Therefore, soaking and germination are required before sowing. The seeds were first soaked in water at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours to promote the germs on the seeds. However, the seeds were put in hot water at 55-60°C for 15 minutes to scald the germs that had germinated. In order to make the seeds evenly heated, stirring should be continued until the water temperature drops to about 35°C. Stirring is continued and soaking is continued for 5 to 6 hours. During the soaking period, it should be repeated several times. To remove the seed coat outside the mucus. When seeds are small, seeds can be scalded in gauze bags. Seed soaked, wrapped in clean gauze or a wet towel, placed in the environment of 28 ~ 30 °C germination. It is best to use the germination box for germination. After about 6 days, the seeds are sown when about 30% of the seeds germinate. The harvested eggplant seeds had a certain period of dormancy. After germination treatment, they could break the dormancy and increase the germination rate of the seeds.
(4) Sowing: Prematurely cultivated eggplant, with emphasis on the word “early”, the cultivated seedlings generally have about 10 leaves when they are planted, and most of them have flower buds. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are generally suitable for sowing from early September to early October. Cultivation acres, about 15 to 20 grams of seed. When you sow, you must first pour enough water so that there is enough water before emergence and no watering is required. If the amount of watering is too small, the soil will be affected by the dryness of the seeds. Even if the seedlings are unearthed, the cotyledons are small and short, and the seedlings are of poor quality and slow growth. The seeds of eggplant are sowed. In order to make the seeds broadcast evenly, they can be mixed with seeds after mixing with ash, dry soil or fine sand. Generally sowing 5 to 10 grams per square meter seedbed. After sowing, cover 1 to 1.5 cm thick nutritious soil or composted mud to prevent “hats” when they emerge, and then take a small shed. Sowing in mid-September, due to higher temperatures, a layer of plastic film or shade net can be applied after sowing to cover soil, so as to play a role in heat preservation and moisturizing. If the average daily temperature at seeding is lower than 15°C, electric heating may be used. The electric heating line can be sown with dry seeds directly, the temperature is controlled at 28-30°C, and the heating is stopped after the seed emerges. Seedlings after exhumation temperature should not be too high, to 20 ~ 25 °C during the day, about 15 °C at night is more appropriate.

Containerized Oxygen Generator

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Containerized Oxygen Generator

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