How much economic benefit can greenhouse warmers have?

How much economic benefit can greenhouse warmers have?
Jinbao greenhouse warming fermentation aid is the use of the latest international microbiological engineering technology, make full use of the function of microbial decomposition of the fermentation, the straw into the crop needs organic and inorganic nutrition, temperature, heat, carbon dioxide, and produce related biological disease prevention The disease-resisting effect will eventually lead to a new type of bioengineering technology product with high output, high quality and pollution-free agricultural products. It is fundamentally different from traditional crop cultivation techniques. It is the latest technology for straw harmless, resource-based, on-site use, and cyclic conversion. It saves water and electricity, saves labor, saves money, and greatly reduces costs while increasing production and Quality, increase production and increase income, improve economic efficiency, and easy to learn and easy to use.
Practice has proved that the use of greenhouse warming agents can reduce pesticide dosages by more than 70%, and some can even achieve basic non-use of pesticides, and biological control substitutes chemical pesticides. Environmental protection has no significant pollution effects.
It can improve the soil organic matter and humus, enrich the population structure of soil beneficial microorganisms, and can greatly improve soil physical and chemical properties, such as soil pellet structure, aeration, water retention and fertility, etc., all can be significantly improved, root number and root fresh weight Increase accordingly.
Increase input-output ratio. Using greenhouse warmers, the average yield per mu can be increased by more than 30-50%, and the input-output ratio can reach 1:20 or higher, and waste utilization and benign circulation mechanisms can be formed.

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