To prevent lodging in the middle and late stages of wheat growth

In the middle and later stages of wheat growth, local or large area lodging often occurs, which seriously affects the grain filling of wheat and reduces grain weight, resulting in a reduction in yield. According to the survey, the average yield per hectare of lodging is about 40 kg, which directly affects the high yield and stable production of wheat.

The reason for the lodging of wheat in spring is mainly due to improper cultivation and management measures. For example, if the broadcast volume is too large, the top-dressing period of top-dressing will cause the internodes of the internodes to grow too long. In particular, the accumulation of sugar in the stem during the first internode will be reduced, the stem wall will be thinned, and the ability to resist lodging will be weakened.

Preventive methods (a) scientific management of fertilizer. High-yield wheat fields must be well watered in a timely manner, grouting water, generally do not return to Qingshui and wheat yellow water. In the spring, the period of returning to the green crop is controlled mainly by watering without fertilizers. After the jointing of wheat (falling 2 leaves exposed), water is applied again, and NPK is applied as appropriate to shorten the length of the internodes of the base, so that the first internode length is 4.5. ~ 5.7 cm, the second section between the length of 7.6 ~ 8.5 cm, conducive to resistance; late need for watering, must be based on the weather forecast, master wind and rain before pouring, there are wind and rain stop pouring principle, scientific management of fertilizer. (B) to promote the control of disease prevention and pest control. In the wheat before the jointing stage with 15% of paclobutrazol powder 50 ~ 60 grams of water spray 40 ~ 50 kg, can effectively control the prosperous, shorten the internode. Can also use 20% Zhuangfengan emulsion per acre (wheat-specific type) 30 ~ 40 ml of water 25 ~ 30 kg evenly sprayed, can control the extension of the base 1 ~ 3, does not affect the internode, make wheat The stalk has a strong wall thickness and increases production by 8% to 13%. In addition, chlorella, chitosan, Tianwei foliar fertilizer, Dielkin, etc. have a certain effect of preventing lodging. For wheat sheath blight, powdery mildew, aphids, etc., prevention-based and comprehensive prevention and control measures are adopted. Once the prevention and control indexes are met, timely spraying and prevention can increase wheat's resilience and lodging resistance.

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