Technical points of carrot dry processing

First, the production process selection → washing → cutting → blanching → drying → packaging.
Second, the production of points
1, the choice of materials. Fresh, orange-red, medium-sized, smooth skin, less roots, blunt, no pests, no mechanical damage and freezing and freezing, no obvious pulpy parts, full ripening without lignification, high carotene content, dry matter Carrots with a content of not less than 11%, a sugar content of not less than 4%, and a waste portion of not more than 15% are used as raw materials.
2, washing. Remove the leaf clusters and roots with a knife, and wash the sediment and other impurities in clean water, and then peel.
3, cut points. The peeled raw materials are cut into strips, sheets, squares, etc. as needed.
4, blanching. The purpose of blanching is to make the raw material more vivid color, flexible structure, eliminate odor, prevent browning. The method is to pour the carrots into boiling water or steam for 5-8 minutes. After the carrots are soft, remove them and drain them. If necessary, a sulfur treatment can be carried out, ie spraying a 0.2%-1% sulphite solution.
5, dry. The blanched carrots are spread evenly on a baking tray or iron sieve, 5-6 kilograms per square meter, and sent to the drying room for drying at a temperature of 65° C.-75° C. After 6-7 hours, it can be dried. .
6, packaging. The dried carrots are immediately put into plastic film food bags and sealed to prevent air leakage, moisture absorption, and then placed in cartons or sacks.
Third, pay attention to matters
1. When packaging, impurities should be removed and the water content must not exceed 5%-8%.
2. From raw materials to finished products, the entire process should be completed on the same day to prevent deterioration.

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