Keeping high-yield and stable production methods for laying hens in summer

Egg-laying chickens are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. When temperatures reach 32°C and above, egg production performance will drop significantly. Prolonged heat stress can also cause death of chickens. So, how to reduce the impact of heat stress, maintain high-yield and stable performance of chickens, and increase the efficiency of raising chickens in summer?
Prepare for heatstroke prevention before summer
1. Try to enhance the thermal insulation of roofs and walls and reduce the solar radiant heat entering the house.
With white paint, the roof and exterior walls are painted white, reflecting a portion of the sunlight and reducing heat absorption. The roof can be covered with some insulating materials, such as wheat straw. When the weather is hot, water can be sprayed on the roof to reduce the absorption of heat.
2. Take a awning outside the window or use a black woven bag to block the light in the window.
3. Install the exhaust fan, preferably vertical ventilation and water curtain.
Measures to prevent heatstroke and cooling The fans can be ventilated by installing ventilation fans in the house. The operating time of the fans should be increased and the ventilation interval should be shortened to increase the air convection between the house and the outside world and reduce the temperature of the house.
Water spray and wet curtain cooling can be sprayed in the house with a certain wind speed. Use the evaporation of water to reduce the temperature. However, when the wind speed is low, avoid spraying. If the spray will cause high temperature and humidity inside the house. , It is not conducive to the body heat. When conditional, use the wet curtain to cool the best, hot air through the wet curtain cooling into the house, the temperature inside the house can be reduced by 5 °C ~ 6 °C, or even lower than the temperature outside the house. During the hottest hours of the day, from 12 noon to 3 pm, cold water is sprayed on the roof of the roof and surrounding areas, which also has a good cooling effect.
Shade and sun protection, provide enough water to build a shade net on the sunny side of the house, direct sunlight on the doors and windows, and the air inlet of the house to avoid direct sunlight. After the air passes through the shade net, it becomes cool and enters the house, which can reduce the indoor temperature by 2°C~3°C. Keep a clean, cool and sanitary drinking water all day in the sink, preferably deep well water and keep it flowing.
Reducing the rearing density and appropriately reducing the rearing density can effectively reduce the temperature in the house.
Disinfection of chickens in a timely manner can be combined with water cooling to disinfect chickens, 2 to 3 times a week. At the same time do a good job of house fly control, mosquito control and pest control work. Clean up the excrement in time and change the litter every day to keep the inside and outside of the house clean and fresh air.
Strengthen observation Observe the feed intake, drinking water, and defecation of chickens at any time. If abnormalities are found, take timely measures to eliminate diseased chickens in time to reduce the spread of disease and economic losses. At the same time, we must pay attention to keeping the house quiet, cleaning, quail eggs, feeding water, in addition to manure, disinfection and other actions should be light, to avoid noise interference, reduce the amount of chicken exercise, to prevent surprise group.
Maintaining the daily intake of nutrients for laying hens. Adjusting the feeding method Feed should be ready for use and less for feeding. Increase the number of puddlings to increase the appetite and increase feed intake. Adjust the feeding time and try to Feeding chickens when the weather is coolest during the day can increase the feed intake of chickens, usually between 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning, 10 to 11 o'clock in the morning and 6 to 7 o'clock in the evening, after turning on or off the lights in the morning and evening Feed it once more.
Adjusting the dietary concentration and feeding the oils will reduce the maintenance consumption of the chickens in summer and reduce the allocation of energy feeds. Can use 1% to 2% of fat to replace part of corn and other energy feeds. Oil can not only reduce the dust in the chicken house, but also can improve the palatability of the chicken and reduce the circulation speed of feed in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby improving the chicken's production performance.
Feeding low-protein supplements with essential amino acids can reduce the heat stress generated during protein conversion. At the same time, the addition of essential amino acids can increase chicken production, reduce chicken mortality and indoor ammonia concentrations, and add 500 grams of methionine per ton. ~1000g, Lysine 250g~500g.
Adjustment of calcium and phosphorus supply heat stress does not affect the absorption of calcium, but due to the decline in feed intake, calcium intake of laying hens is often insufficient, especially for older laying hens, in production practice, can be supplemented separately in the afternoon Calcium should keep the calcium content in the diet at about 3%.
Adding anti-heat stress additives Adding sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate has the effect of preventing heatstroke, which can increase the yield of laying hens, prevent the formation of thin-shelled eggs and brown eggs, improve the quality of egg shells, and properly add carbonic acid to feeds. Sodium hydrogen is beneficial. Care should be taken to maintain the balance between sodium and chloride ions.
Adding vitamin C chicken under heat stress requires a large amount of vitamin C when heat is dissipated, and the high temperature reduces the ability of the chicken to synthesize vitamin C. Adding vitamin C in the feed can reduce death, increase egg production, and the amount can be increased. Adjusted to 2 times the normal amount.
Through the above methods, the high and stable production performance of the chicken can be maintained, the heat stress mortality of the chicken can be reduced, and the chicken production performance can be improved. Farming friends can try it out for themselves and they can realize the benefits.

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