Honey should be paid attention to when storing and transporting honey

First, choose a suitable storage container Honey is a weak acid liquid, should use non-metallic containers, such as cylinders, barrels, non-toxic plastic barrels and other storage. In areas with high honey yields, honeypots can be established.
The honey storage container should be clean and hygienic, and should be thoroughly washed and wiped before storing honey so that it will not have odor. When storing honey, the container cannot be overfilled, especially when transporting, the container should leave a space of 25% to 30% to prevent the fermentation of the honey juice from overflowing or bursting when the heat oscillates, and cause damage. Honey should be placed in a dry, clean, cool, ventilated, and odor-free room at room temperature maintained at 5 to 10 °C.
Second, the sub-variety storage honey species in various parts of China are inconsistent, the same region also has different varieties, each honey has its own color and flavor, suitable for different consumer needs, therefore, the sub-variety storage, prevent mixing.
Third, keep clean The honey often contains pollen, wax, bee corpses and gray sand, etc. The honey can be placed in a high vat, and is placed in a high temperature, dry indoor precipitation. The time required for precipitation depends on the temperature. Generally, it takes 3 days at 20°C and only 10 hours at 35°C. After the sedimentation, the heavy debris sinks and the pure honey floats on the upper layer. At this time, the honey can be filtered out and stored separately.
Fourth, to prevent the presence of yeast in fermented honey. Immature honey has a high moisture content and is most suitable for the growth of yeast. Therefore, honey needs to be treated before it is stored. The method is: honey into a large mouth container, open the mouth, placed in a dry, ventilated, room temperature above 25 °C for several days, you can evaporate excess water, to be fully mature and then stored.
Fifth, to prevent the absorption of moisture due to the strong hygroscopicity of honey, so the honey storage container should be sealed and placed in a dry and ventilated room temperature of 5 ~ 10 °C. Do not place strong odor items indoors to prevent honey from absorbing odors.
6. Crystallization of honey is another feature of honey. Crystallized honey is good for storage and transportation. In order to speed up the crystallization, about 0.5% of the honey can be mixed in the honey, but the supply of honey must maintain a transparent liquid state. Thaw the crystallized honey and heat it in a double pot. When processing, the outer layer of the double pot is filled with water, and the inner layer is filled with honey. When the temperature reaches 71° C., it is kept for several minutes. Then the fire source is removed. After standing for 1 day, the surface foam can be removed and filled into disinfected glass. In the bottle, tightly seal the lid to prevent crystallization.

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