Harvester seasonal storage to six defenses

The harvester received autumn harvest from the summer. During the year, the harvester has short working hours and long parking time. If he does not pay attention to management, he can directly shorten the service life. Therefore, the harvester must be "six defenses."

1. Anti-day sun exposure

Due to the different types and models of harvesters, some of them are large in size and require specialized storage. Some pilots are afraid of trouble, and they take care of themselves. They only use simple shelters to shield them. The wind and rain damage the body to varying degrees. As the saying goes, if you can afford a machine, you can afford to keep it. Only by keeping it well can you use it well. Therefore, regardless of the type of harvester, you should try to cover the dedicated library.

2. Anti-dirt rust

After harvesting in each quarter, the dirt, swarf, gully, grains and other debris inside and outside the harvester should be completely removed, and the inside and outside of the machine should be washed with pressured water, dried, and then stored in the machine room. At the same time, the lubrication points are cleaned, lubricated or sealed with oil. During storage, paint the rust-proof paint on the part of the protective paint.

3. Anti-varying decay

Improper storage of various transmission belts may cause mildew or deformation. These products should be removed after use. After being wiped and dried, there will be room for ventilation and prevent insect or rat bites. For all the drive chains, wash them with diesel oil or kerosene, dry them, put them in oil for 15-20 minutes, or soak overnight in the machine music. After the oil is no longer dripping, apply grease, and wrap it in kraft paper. , Put it in a dry and ventilated place.

4. Anti rubber aging

The rubber and plastic products on the harvester are susceptible to aging and deterioration due to the effect of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and the elasticity is easily broken. Therefore, for the storage of rubber parts, it is best to use hot paraffin oil on the surface of the rubber gills, and put it indoors in a place that is ventilated, dry, and free from direct sunlight.

5. Plastic deformation

Springs, belts, shanks, tires, etc., may be plastically deformed due to prolonged stress or improper placement. For this reason, some places need support. If the tire is supported by a pressure load, the pressure spring will be loosened, the transmission belt will be removed and stored alone, and the long cutter bar will be removed and placed flat or hung vertically.

6. Loss of small items

It is best to have all work, quantity, and fixtures, especially special tools and various spare parts, used randomly for registration and custody by special personnel, and then return them to the place of restoration after use.

In addition, the livestock battery should be removed and stored separately using the intermittent charge injection method or dry storage method.

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