Boer goat breeding technology

First, sexual maturity and body maturation (initial mating age)
Goats grow to a certain age, the genital organs are basically fully developed and have the ability to reproduce. This period is called sexual maturity. It is the ram that begins to have normal sexual behavior, the ewe begins to appear the normal estrus and discharges the egg. Sheep have fertility when they are sexually mature. However, sexual maturity does not mean that it is possible to breed. In this period, the goat is 3 to 5 months old. The male and female ewes have not yet reached maturity. If the early mating, on the one hand hinders its own growth and development, on the other hand fertility Lower, seriously affected the constitution and production performance of offspring.
After the sheep has matured, the normal development of the sheep itself continues. After a certain period of time, the body matures. Only then can the sheep have the proper morphology and structure. It usually reaches maturity at 5 to 8 months of age. As a crossbreed of Boer goats and local goats, the sexual maturity and body maturation are very late. Sexual behavior occurs around 6 months of age, and the body matures around 10 months of age. Therefore, when the sheep's body is mature, it should be timely and timely breeding to improve the sheep's productivity and the economic benefits of raising sheep.
Second, the estrous and estrus cycle Ewe reaches the age of sexuality into the hot, the ovary appears periodic ovulation phenomenon, with each ovulation, reproductive organs have also undergone a series of cyclical changes, cycled repeatedly until sexual decline, we usually The ewes have sexual behavior in the early stage called estrus, the time between the two ovulations, the complex physical processes occurring throughout the body and reproductive organs, called the estrus cycle, the goat's estrus cycle is 18 to 21 days, an average of 20 days. According to the physiological changes in the estrus estrus, the estrus cycle is divided into:
1. The luteal atrophy in the ovary and the new follicle begins to develop, but it is still small. At this time, the ewes have no sexual desire. In the vaginal examination, the cervix incompletely opened and there was almost no secretion.
2. The period of estrus (heavy estrus) is also a major period of timely mating of ewes. The ewes began to have a strong sexual excitement. The follicles in the ovaries developed faster and matured and ovulated. Vaginal examination: Labial swelling, flushing, flushing, glandular secretion, cervix opening, full of mucus, its color clear and bright, and discharge from the vagina. At this time the ewes are extremely excited, emotionally uneasy, constantly yelling, climbing the wall, top door or standing constantly swinging their tails, hand pressure on the buttocks to make the tail more fierce, drastic reduction in eating grass and drinking water, like to approach the ram, accept Climb while also climbing across other sheep. In short, the ewe's estrus appraisal performance can be summed up in four sentences: Loss of appetite and spiritual joy, Rams do not move around, call the swinging tail vulva red, secrete mucus thinning become sticky. The above performance with the discharge of the egg, from weak to strong, from strong to weak, at this time inseminator should grasp the good time, timely and timely breeding. Goat estrus persists for about 40 hours, from estrus to breeding time is 12 to 36 hours.
3. At the later stage of estrus, the luteal body in the follicles began to form after ovulation. A series of changes in the genital tract during estrus gradually disappeared, restitution was restored, and libido decreased significantly. Vaginal examination: The cervix retracts and the surrounding mucus is yellow and less.
4. Emotional period (also known as inter-temporal period) The ewes are in a normal state of spirit after a period of time after the occurrence of the estrus.
In addition, most local goats have postpartum initial symptoms 20 to 40 days after delivery, and goats with fast recovery of the uterus can be bred after 20 days, usually after the month of outbreak.
Third, the gestation period of pregnant sheep is 147 to 153 days, an average of 150 days, under normal circumstances, ewe mating after pregnancy, increased appetite, increased fast, more docile, 1 month after the crush dried. Then calculate the expected date of production so that preparations for lambs can be made in advance.
Expected date of birth: Add 5 to the breeding month, and decrease the date by 4 or 2 (pregnancy expires in February).

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