Reduce the technology of edible fungi

1, keep mushroom farm clean. Mushrooms should be thoroughly cleaned before they are cultivated, and sprayed with 800 times the solution of trichlorfon or dichlorvos evenly. Outdoor mushrooms, to remove the weeds around the cultivation site, and use 250 times the solution of trichlorfon to spray the soil and around the site.

2, prevent adults into the room. Indoor cultivation of bacteria, to the doors and windows, ventilation and ventilation holes, etc. with 60 mesh fine gauze nails to prevent flies, mushrooms, mosquitoes and other adults into the room hazards.

3, drugs smoked and killed. Indoor cultivation of edible fungi, and then sealed conditions, per cubic meter of space with 2-3 pieces of aluminum phosphide fumigation to eliminate indoor insect sources.

4, processing culture materials. Use dicofol 15 ml per 50 kg of culture material, 10 kg of water, evenly spray on the material, spray and mix the material, spray 3 days after accumulation, you can eliminate the source of material in the material, or can be mixed in the culture material 40% of phoxim 500 times has a good insecticidal effect.

5, spraying insecticide. When pests are found before fruiting, they can be sprayed with 500-fold solution of trichlorfon or 1000-fold kill solution or 800-fold solution of dichlorvos.

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