China's own cutting-edge product "polysulfone membrane" dialyzer officially released

Release date: 2009-04-29

On April 18th, the only self-owned hemodialyzer brand in China, Weigao “polysulfone membrane” dialyzer was officially launched. The "polysulfone membrane" dialyzer technology is at the international advanced level and has independent intellectual property rights. It is the only independent brand in China. The product utilizes a hollow fiber semipermeable membrane constituting a dialyzer to eliminate metabolites such as urea and creatinine in the blood of uremic patients by ultrafiltration, permeation and dispersion, thereby replacing the kidney engineering of the patient, and is therefore called "Artificial kidney."

On the morning of the same day, Weigao Group also held a press conference on the release of new products of “polysulfone membrane” dialyzer. Zhao Xidian, member of the Standing Committee of Weihai Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, said that the development experience of Weigao Group proves that the combination of hospitals and enterprises and the cooperation between enterprises and enterprises is the fundamental trend of accelerating the transformation of scientific research results into productivity, which is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises and is conducive to correctness. Grasp the application direction of scientific research. I hope that Weigao will take this opportunity to use and introduce talents in a wider and wider field to create greater glory for the national industry.

It is understood that at present, the annual demand for dialyzers in the domestic market has reached 6 million, and more than 94% of the products rely on foreign imports. In order to break the monopoly hemodialysis machine production technology, since 2003, Weigao Group has started to develop "polysulfone membrane" dialyzer products, and cooperated with domestic and foreign experts to carry out scientific research. After three years of clinical verification, in March of this year, the "polysulfone membrane" dialyzer obtained the registration certificate and began to enter the domestic and foreign markets. In order to ensure market supply, Weigao Group plans to introduce two production lines on the basis of the current annual production of 1.7 million units, achieving an annual production capacity of 5 million. Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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