Silkworm picking and sale

(a) Picking
1, pick the appropriate period: after the end of the mature silkworm cocoon clams, clams, puppies, with the development of cockroaches, the skin becomes hard, skin color deep, when the skin color is yellow for the appropriate time. The silkworm flowering period is 6-7 days after the upper cluster, and the summer-autumn silkworm period is 5-6 days after the upper cluster, and the silkworm period in late autumn is 7-8 days after the upper cluster. If the picking is too early, the silkworms have not yet been phlegm-removed, and the hairy ankles are not easy to bake and dry evenly during baking. The quality of the alfalfa is reduced, and the hairy alfalfa is easy to exude silkworm body contaminants from the cocoon layer when cooking, making the raw silk luster. In the case of deterioration, the body skin of the tender larvae is easy to break, and the hemorrhagic contamination of the enamel layer causes the internal enamel, and the fat easily oozes out when it is baked, contaminates the enamel layer and becomes oily, reducing the quality of the enamel. When the silkworm larvae are parasitized by the fly larvae, it will increase the pod borer; in addition, the silkworm moth may also increase the possibility of the moth larvae.

2. Picking method: When picking, pick up the dead silkworms and grubs in the cluster and remove the debris such as grass clippings, silkworm excrement, etc. to avoid contamination. Press the cluster first, first pick first, then late. The picking action should be light, light and light, and all kinds of silkworm cocoons should be placed separately. The silkworm cocoon was picked up in time to spread thinly in the cocoon, and it was impossible to pile up too thick to prevent it from affecting cocoon quality. After the harvest, the clusters and clusters should be cleaned in time, and the "Four Mountain Disinfections" should be done to prevent the spread of pathogens and pollute the environment.

(b) Selection and transportation
1. Selection: When picking, picking, picking, picking, and picking should be picked separately, but it is inevitable that there will be mixed. For this reason, strict election work must be carried out before the Shangyu sells, in order to increase the rate of election, and the selection of places should be bright.

2. Operation 茧: Operation of fresh squid for sale, requires baskets and baskets to be inserted into air cages or dry straw, loose and fast shipments, and non-plastic bags; movements should be light during shipment to minimize vibration; transport On the way to prevent the sun and rain.

(3) The sold silkworm cocoon can be divided into two categories: rutting and squatting. The classification criteria are as follows:

1, on the cart: It refers to the silk that can be made of genuine silk. It includes most of the caps and a small portion of it. The upper eyelid is the normal shape of the shape, color, thickness and wrinkle, but the degree is less than the standard of the lower eyelid, but the lower grade silk can be twisted, the fold is large, and the quality of the raw silk is poor. Examples are multi-layered, light yellowish, and light. Firewood, light cotton gills, light deformed clams, and water-colored clams are sub-caries.

2, squat: refers to a serious defect, can not be reeled or difficult to reel smashing, can be used for silk spinning raw materials or silk. Double palace gongs, cut pimple, macular pimple, firewood, oil pimple, polluted pimple, thin pimple, pimple, gill cricket, soft cotton gill, and head lice are all diarrhea.

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