How to identify imported accessories?

Identification based on packaging is an important procedure for verifying the authenticity of imported accessories. The packaging of pure parts and foreign professional accessory factory accessories is beautifully produced. The colors, patterns and styles all have certain rules, which are generally difficult to imitate. Replica packaging is rough and easy to identify. However, some copy-makers rely on modern advanced printing technology to make parts packaging very realistic and difficult to distinguish without careful identification. Imported machinery parts generally have outer packagings and inner packagings. Outsourcing is equipped with packaging boxes and packaging boxes. The inner packagings are generally marked with packaging paper and plastic bags or paper bags. Pure imported accessories packaging boxes (boxes) are printed on the manufacturer's uniform printed clear, paper quality, and printed GENUINE PARTS (pure parts) mark, and marked with the part number, name, quantity and production plants and countries. The imitation label printing is not fine, the color is not light or heavy, it is difficult to be consistent with the genuine package, the use of computer-printed part number and manufacturer's mark color is not light and heavy, careful identification can distinguish between authenticity. From the packing box (box), the imported packing box (box) has a strong texture and a clear pattern. The packaging box is generally marked with the production plant and genuine parts. Although the imitation packaging is also printed with these markings, the color is not correct. The pattern is not clear. Some foreign companies have fake counterfeit marks on their packaging labels to prevent counterfeiting. Most of the inner packagings are wrapping paper, paper bags or plastic bags, and pure parts and company logos are printed on the packaging. The pattern, color and pattern imitation of wrapping paper are hardly the same.

Sterile Vacuum Vials are used for allergist,mixing injectable products or nuclear medicine, PET-CT, Liquid collection.Sterile vacuum vials are produced by aluminum caps, non-latex butyl stoppers and SCHOTT Neutral Type I glass vials. They are approved by cGMP and FDA with internally sterile.The production process is carried out under strict Class 100 workshop. Finished vials can meet the FDA`s authorised 14-day sterility test.

Sterile Vacuum Vials

Sterile Vacuum Glass Vials,Sterile Evacuated Vials,Sterile Evacuated Glass Vials

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