Clean water crab is not desirable medium moderate fertilizer effect

"Cleaning water to raise crabs" is currently the constant truth in the minds of most farmers. It seems that the water quality of crab ponds will become clearer and thinner. Once the water in crab ponds becomes fat, it is immediately busy changing the water to prevent accidents. . As everyone knows, maintaining a certain amount of water in the pool of crab ponds is quite beneficial to crab farming. According to preliminary investigations, the crabs raised in ponds with moderate fatness have higher survival rates, specifications, and yields than normal clear water ponds. In particular, the prevalence of trembling disease in the past two years is far lower than that of other ponds. The reason is that moderate fertilizer can make the pool water have enough dissolved oxygen, and oxygen is the decisive factor in the growth and development of crabs. The main source of oxygen in crab ponds is the photosynthesis of aquatic plants, while ponds with more black-green algae have a much weaker photosynthesis intensity than green aquatic plants and release much less oxygen. The main source of oxygen depends on the photosynthesis of phytoplankton. Moderate fertilizer ponds, especially the amount of phytoplankton, photosynthesis produced by more oxygen, in the sunny water temperature is high, often can make the pool water-soluble oxygen saturation. When oxygen is insufficient, the anaerobic bacteria in the bottom matter decompose to produce a large amount of organic acids and toxic substances, which will lower the pH of the pool water. If the crabs live in this water body for a long time, they will lose their appetite, the clam shells will be abnormal, and they will easily form lazy crabs. Also easy to get sick; when oxygen is sufficient, crab appetite, agile activity, increased the number of shells, high utilization of food, disease resistance, and rapid growth. The fatness of water is often judged by the transparency of the pool water. Clear water refers to the water is light, the amount of phytoplankton in the water is small, the transparency is generally above 35cm, the fertilizer refers to the water color, the amount of phytoplankton in the water is relatively low, the transparency is low, generally below 15cm, the moderate fertilizer and water are in between, and the water color fertilizer is tender Cool. So how to adjust the crab pool water fat? At present, there are many crab farmers that generally use water drainage methods to adjust the fat of the pool water. I think this is not the best solution. Because too much water in and out of the water is a waste of money, the second is the loss of active ingredients in the water, into the harmful substances, the third is the indefinite water level, crab caves change frequently, some crabs do not eat the water above the surface, do not shell, forming a lazy crab, The fourth is to stimulate the formation of precocious crabs. Generally, the thin color of the pond can be adjusted by fertilization method. Fertilizer is 200 kg of fermented manure per acre 15 days before the seed is released. If the water quality is still thin during the mid-aquaculture, 2 kg of urea can be used once per acre. More often than not, the fertility of the water is sufficient, and some puffer fish, carp seedlings or green shrimp seedlings, or some aquatic plants such as Vallisneria can be used.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

With PSA principles, ETR Oxygen Cylinder Filling system can produce 93%±3% purity oxygen gas from compressed air directly.  ETR oxygen cylinder filling system is consisted of Atlas screw air compressor, refrigerated air dryer, compressed air filter, air buffer tank, ETR Oxygen Plant, oxygen buffer tank, oxygen booster, cylinder filling station and HMI control cabinet. 

Compressed air is purified through the air dryer and filters to a certain level for main plant to work with. Air buffer is incorporated for smooth supply of compressed air thus to reduce fluctuation of compressed air source. The plant produces oxygen with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is a time proven oxygen generation method. Oxygen of desired purity at 93%±3% is delivered to oxygen buffer tank for smooth supply of product gas. Oxygen in buffer tank is maintained at 4bar pressure. With an oxygen booster, the oxygen pressure can be to 150bar and fill in cylinders. 

Eter Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant

Onsite Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

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