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In summer, the water temperature is high, and the yellow eel eats heavily. There are many excretions, the water quality is easily deteriorated, and the oxygen content also decreases. If you do not do a good job in summer management, Huang Hao died due to bad environment. In the summer when breeding jaundice, you must do the following: (1) Avoiding fugitive management During the summer, particularly heavy thunderstorms, you should always pay attention to whether the drainage system of the pool is blocked and whether the escape prevention network is in good condition. The height of the pool is high enough. If it is not high enough, it is necessary to build a pool pool so as to avoid the yellow plover or to use the tail to hook up to the pool to escape. Of course, when the pool is built, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing escape facilities. The upper mouth of the pond should be made into a “factory” shape, and the four corners of the pond should be preferably built into an arc so as to avoid jaundice escaping along the pool at right angles to escape and cause serious losses. . (B) the summer heat to cool the summer climate is hot, the water temperature is particularly high, if you do not do the heatstroke cooling work, it will certainly cause the death of the heat stroke of the Astragalus. The best water temperature for astragalus cultivation is 20-28 degrees. To reduce the temperature, measures should be taken to exceed 28 degrees. Generally, some vines can be planted around the pond, and then they can be sheltered and shaded on the rack. At the same time, water plants in the pond maintain 2/3 of the area to act as a sunscreen and adjust the pool water temperature. When the water temperature still exceeds 28 degrees through the above method, new water must be added. It is better to choose groundwater or deep water to reduce the temperature, but the temperature difference must not exceed 3 degrees. The conditional person has a special arbour for cooling in the summer or the indoor culture is better. Breeders can choose the cooling measures flexibly according to their own conditions to achieve the best breeding results. (3) Water Quality Management Huang Xiaoxi lives in shallow water, and pool water in the summer should not be too deep. Therefore, attention must be paid to water quality management in Dianchi Lake. In the summer, the amount of food consumed by the eel is increasing and excretion is increasing. The residual baits and excrement are most likely to deteriorate and deteriorate the pool water, causing the eel to stop eating and suffer from various diseases. Therefore, the water should be changed frequently in summer. Under normal circumstances, the water can be exchanged once a day for two days. If the water quality is too bad, it is best to do it once a day or twice a day. If the water quality is good, the eel will eat normally, and it will also make a "click" when eating. (4) To prevent the oxygen content in anoxic water from being inversely proportional to the water temperature. The higher the water temperature is, the lower the oxygen content is, so the summer pool water is often in a state of low oxygen. Although alfalfa is resistant to hypoxia, it may cause floating heads when it is too oxygen-deficient, affecting growth and development, and it may also cause death in severe cases. To prevent oxygen deficiency: First, inject fresh and clean cold water to reduce the water temperature, increase oxygen and prevent floating heads. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to inject water in the evening so as not to cause premature convection in the upper and lower layers of water and cause the yellow toad floating head; the second is to raise a certain amount of mud in the pond, which can promote the oxygen in the upper and lower layers of the pool due to the active mud. Exchange, it has a good role in promoting the supply of oxygen in the Astragalus; Third, planting aquatic plants in the pool, due to the photosynthesis of plants, a large number of absorption of carbon dioxide, release of oxygen, also have a positive effect on the increase of dissolved oxygen in water. How to find the floating head should be handled in time, so as to ensure the safety of the jaundice through the summer. Author: Liuchun Jun Author Website:


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