Wheat biogas slurry soaking seeds and increasing yield

Biogas slurry contains a variety of active, resistant and nutritive substances. The use of soaking in biogas slurry can promote the activity of wheat seed metabolism, make the wheat emerged neat and tidy, the root system is developed, the growth is strong, the ability to resist cold and disease is enhanced, and the yield of wheat is increased. According to the test wheat soaked in biogas slurry, it can increase production by 5%-7%. The specific method is to immerse the wheat seeds in the biogas slurry one day before sowing. The length of soaking time is the standard for wheat to absorb enough water, and then it can be sowed after washing with clean water. Because this technology is simple, safe and effective, it does not require investment and it should be promoted in agricultural production. First, technical points Shaizhong: In order to improve the water absorption of seed, before soaking in biogas slurry, the seeds are sun-dried for 1 to 2 days to remove impurities to ensure the purity and quality of seeds. 2. Clean up the discharge room of the digester: Remove scum sediment from the discharge chamber as much as possible so as to soak seeds in the biogas slurry. 3. Bag soaking: Select a good permeable bag and cloth bag seed, and leave an appropriate space to prevent the seeds from swelling after water absorption. When soaking, one end of the rope is tied to the bag mouth, and one end is fixed at the edge of the pool so that the seeds are completely immersed in the biogas slurry. The soaking time is about 12 hours. 4. Cleaning sowing: After the soaking of the biogas slurry, the seeds should be put in clean water and then sown. Second, note 1. As a biogas digester for soaking in biogas slurry, the normal gas production must be used for more than one month, and the biogas slurry in the waste pool and dead pool cannot be soaked. 2. The soaking time should not be too long, so it is better for the seeds to absorb enough water. 3. Seeds soaked in biogas slurry are soaked with fresh water and sown. 4. Pay attention to promptly restore the pool cover to prevent people and animals from falling into the pool. (Wangdu County Bureau of Agriculture)

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