Combining Harvester Storage Technology

After the end of the quarterly work of the combine harvester, it should be well kept to extend the service life of the machine. In the long-term storage, to ensure the integrity of the machine, not to lose parts, to prevent the deformation of the machine, "damage, corrosion, etc.. Care should pay attention to the following:

1) Before stopping the machine, use the medium and large throttle to run the harvester for 5 minutes to remove debris from the machine.

2) Thoroughly remove the wheat hull and mud in and out of the combine.

3) Lubricate each lubrication point according to the requirements of the instruction manual. Rubbing the metal surface with oil is rust proof.

4) Releasing the safety clutch spring and header auger floating spring.

5) Remove all the belts, wipe off the dirt, apply talcum powder, attach the label, and hang it for storage.

6) Remove the chain, put it in diesel or kerosene for cleaning, and then put it in the engine oil for 15 to 20 minutes. Put it back in place or attach it to the label for storage.

7) Completely inspect vulnerable parts such as header augers, telescopic rod guides, moving blades, stationary blades, friction plates, rollers, gravure screens, cleaning screens, etc. If damaged, repair or replace damaged zeros. part.

8) Put the harvesting table down and place it on the wood. Relax balance spring. Front and rear axles jacked up and covered with wooden blocks.

9) Remove the battery, check and keep it.

10) Remove the tire and store it in a room at a room temperature of -10 to 20°C.

11) Storehouses that store combine harvesters and parts should be ventilated, fireproofed, and equipped with fire prevention facilities.

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