Fish ponds in autumn should be applied in an appropriate amount

Immediately after the freshwater fish fishing season, some friends of fish farming stopped using microbial fertilizers and waited for fishing. In actual fact, if microbial fertilizers are stopped at this time, the fish will not be able to obtain the nutrients provided by the microbial activity, which will cause the fish to lose weight and reduce its physical condition. Over time, the phenomenon of fish sickness and even death will occur. The purpose of fertilizing fish ponds in autumn is to continue to provide fish with a rich diet and to supplement essential nutrients. However, the conditions of the ponds in the early, mid-autumn and late autumn seasons are different, and the amount of microbial fertilizer used for the golden treasure should be appropriately adjusted.
In the early and mid-autumn days, the autumn tiger is still in Weiwei, and the water temperature is still high; at this time, the weather is complex and changeable, and the water quality is not easy to keep changing. Fish are also active during the early and mid-autumn months. They eat more bait and consume more oxygen. Therefore, the application of the golden treasure microbial fertilizer should follow: a small amount of multiple principles.
In addition, the weather in early and fall seasons is rather harsh. Feeding and feeding of bait should pay special attention to weather changes in order to make appropriate adjustments. Rainy and low-pressure weather should always pay attention to the oxygen content of fish ponds. For example, see fish floating head phenomenon should be oxygenated in time.
In late autumn, the water temperature gradually decreases, and microbial life activities are relatively weakened. As a result, organic matter decomposes slowly in the water, and fertility lasts for a long time, and the water quality is more stable than in the early and mid-autumn months. The corresponding application rate of the golden baby microbial fertilizer should be large and small compared with the early and middle autumn seasons.
The application of the golden baby microbial fertilizer in fish ponds can not only be used as a bait for fish to supplement essential nutrients, but also the active microorganisms in the fungicide can decompose the bottom fish feces through fermentation and other life activities, and clean up the ponds. Maintain the role of water quality. The secondary metabolites produced by microbial activity also have the effect of enhancing the immunity of the fish, increasing the stress resistance and reducing the application amount of the drugs. Natural fish that grow naturally and healthy due to the application of the microbial fertilizer of the golden treasure have a longer survival time after harvesting, and the amount of the drug is small, and the meat is more delicate and fresh. Although autumn is close to the time of fishing, it is still not sloppy. It is also necessary to pay attention to the regulation of water quality in fish ponds, feeding of bait, and maintenance of oxygen, so as to ensure a good harvest during fishing. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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