Several Simple Methods for Estimating the Expected Date of Sow

1, "3 33" algorithm This method is a commonly used method of extrapolation, from the number of months and days of sow mating conceived plus "3 months 3 weeks 3 days" ie 3 months for 30 days, 3 weeks for 21 days, Another 3 days, which is exactly 114 days, is the approximate date of the pre-production of pregnant sows. For example, the breeding period is December 20, December plus 3 months, 20 days plus 3 weeks and 21 days, plus 3 days, 20 days plus 3 weeks and 21 days, plus 3 days, the sow delivery date, ie Around April 14.

2. The “month minus 8, day minus 7” algorithm is calculated by subtracting 8 from the month of sow fertility conception and mating date by 7; regardless of big month, small month, or flat month, the average monthly calculation is 30 days. The number is the approximate delivery date of the sow's pregnancy. Using this method is also easier and easier to remember. For example, the breeding period will be December 20th, December 8 months will be April, and the mating date will be reduced by 7 to 13 days on the 20th, so the sow’s date of birth will be around April 13.

3. The “month plus 4, day minus 8” algorithm is calculated by adding 4 to the month of conception after mating of the sow and subtracting 8 from the date of mating. The resulting number is the approximate date of production of the sow. Using this method to calculate the number of months plus 4, regardless of the big month, small month and peace month, but the day minus 8 should be calculated according to the big month, small month and peace month. The use of this algorithm is simpler than the "3 33" algorithm and can be used to estimate the expected date of herd sows. For example, the date of mating is December 20, December and April to April, and 8 is reduced to 12 on 20th. That is, the sow’s pregnancy date is roughly April 12. When using the above algorithm, if the month is not reduced enough, you can borrow 1 year (ie 12 months). If the day is not enough, you can borrow 1 month (calculated by 30 days); if you exceed 30 days, enter 1 month and exceed 12 months. 1 year.

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