Short late grapefruit and its cultivation techniques

“Dwarf Night Pomelo” is a new pummelo variety cultivated by the famous and famous fruit tree research institute in Suining City, Sichuan Province (which is provided with all free technical data and VCD). Regional trials in different regions of the country show that: Short late grapefruit is planted 2 to 3 years later. As a result, it has the features of high yield, stable production, good quality, and special lateness in the ripening period. In 2007, it obtained the new plant variety certificate (certificate number) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Short late evening pomelo canopy was short and compact, planted for 3 years and the height of the tree was less than 1 meter. The result was that it was put into production in 4 years and the yield of 667 square meters was 5,000 kg. Fruit shape, large fruit without cracking, single fruit weight 2 ~ 2.5 kg, 3 ~ 3.5 kg large fruit, small fruit about 1.5 kg, yellow flesh, crisp meat, juicy residue, moderately sweet and sour, a rich aroma Qi, the fruit is generally ripe in the following year from January to February.

The cultivation techniques of dwarf evening pomelos are as follows:

First, the planting period of short late grapefruit

The spring and autumn season is the best time for planting in the year, from February to March in spring and from September to November in autumn. Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, and Hunan provinces have the best conditions for low winter temperatures or cold damage, with spring February to March. If the plants are planted in the fall, they must use a plastic film to form a small shed to cover the entire tree before the frost begins. The surrounding trees are compacted with clay to prevent freezing and heat preservation and moisturizing to facilitate survival of the seedlings.
Second, suitable for planting soil

Short late evening pomelo has a short, compact crown with a well-developed root system. It can be grown in slightly acidic or slightly alkaline soils with a pH of 5.5 to 7.5, and can produce high yields. The variety has large and thick leaves, dark green leaves, and strong drought resistance. It is particularly suitable for cultivation on hillside land.

Third, the suitable temperature for planting

Within 800 meters above sea level, the annual average temperature above 16.5 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of not less than -3 degrees Celsius, the annual sunshine above 1000 hours, the annual accumulated temperature above 4800 degrees Celsius can be planted.

Four, planting methods and spacing

After the fruit seedlings were bought back, they were planted one year, ie densely planted, with a row spacing of 0.6 meters and 1 meter, and the soil was transplanted with the soil in the spring or fall of the second year (the survival rate of the planting was more than 95%). Focused planting, thin fertilizers and diligence, easy management, good fruit grows, grows faster, and can give early results. Planting spacing is 2 meters 3 meters or 3 meters 3 meters.

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