8 tricks for tractor repair

1. If the burned area of ​​the cylinder mat is small, use an asbestos thread to fill in. When the burned area is large, you can cut a patch from the same part of the waste cylinder gasket at the same thickness and gently tap it to make the joint well. If the burnout is between two cylinders, the asbestos thread should be wrapped with copper skin.

2. Radiator breaks in and out of the water hose. If there is any breakage, use a piece of cloth to coat the leaked area with a piece of soap, and then tie it tightly with a wire. If it is severely broken, cut it into two sections with a knife from the place where the hose is broken. Bamboo tubes, etc., are placed between the hoses, and then tied with iron wire, and then can be loaded; when the radiator core copper tube has slight leakage, soap can be used to stick the leakage. If the water leakage is serious, use the orange light clip to leak water so that it does not leak water.

3. If the valve spring breaks only one break, the two break springs can be installed and used. If the spring is broken at several places, the multi-cylinder machine can remove the adjusting bolts of the inlet and exhaust valves of the cylinder and close the valve. The cylinder stopped working and cut off the oil.

4. Sudden loss of power in the middle of the road When suddenly the speaker does not ring, no light, and the starter does not turn, it means that the vehicle is completely off. At this time, you can first check whether the pile head of the battery is loose. Do not squash when inspecting. Use a pair of pliers to test the two pile heads. If there is no spark, then the pile head is loose and tighten with a wrench. If the pile head is tightened and cleaned, the power-off phenomenon remains. If it is not eliminated, check the connection of the two-pole wires, such as poor contact, repair in time; if the battery has a single-cell damage, use the copper wire to directly connect the good cells.

5. Clutch slip If the friction plate is stained with oil, you can step on the clutch pedal, use the oil gun to install gasoline, and aim at the gap between the flywheel, friction plate and clutch pressure plate to make the above oil dissolve. (If there is no oil gun and substitutes, you can use plastic pipe or rubber hose to suck the oil and aim it at the shot); if the friction plate slips due to burning, you can burn the damaged part, but you should start steadily when driving, and shift the speed Be quick.

6. The leaf spring breaks the wood block in the leaf spring, the axle and the frame according to the situation, and is temporarily tied with wire, etc., and goes to the repair point for replacement.

7. There is no jack to replace the tires and replace the double-row tires. The inner wheels can be lifted with wooden blocks or bricks and bricks. The outer wheels can be vacant and can be replaced. When the front wheels or single tires are replaced, wooden blocks or bricks can be used. The front axle or rear axle of the stone will be stable, digging above the tire to be dismantled, so that the tire can be vacant, and can be removed and replaced; the inclined roof of a flat top wood needs to be replaced under the front axle or rear axle of the tire, and then starts to move. The automobile makes the top wood lift the front axle or the rear axle. When the top wood is vertically stabilized, the tire can be replaced.

8. Damaged fan tape The fan tape is broken and is mostly broken. Several ropes can be used to fasten the strands. The length and thickness should be similar to those of the original fan tape. However, the ropes must be flashed in the middle and cannot be exposed. Then they can be tightly tied with iron wire; the two fan heads of the original fan tape can be broken at the same time. Holes, temporarily connected with coarse wire. However, the law should test the engine for a few minutes to check if the fan rotation is normal.

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